Why Advertise

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.02.11 PM YOUR Williamson is the resource for everything Williamson County.  We are the premiere social, community, business and lifestyle publication for Williamson County residents. We are printed at the highest level of quality with your advertising needs and business image as our top priority. When we are finished producing a beautiful magazine to showcase your business offering, we will then move on to our concentrated and strategic circulation and distribution; putting the magazine directly in the hands of YOUR ideal target demographic.


With thousands of copies printed and circulated monthly to well over 300 plus our onsite integration and participation in many community wide events and activities – we offer the BEST plan to meet your circulation needs.  And every issue is complimentary, with subscriptions and online viewing are available.

Make the smartest marketing decision YOU ever made. Advertise in the magazine that is all about and in the hands of one of the most affluent, educated, involved demographics in the country. Contact us for more information, to promote an event or for advertising. Ask us how we can integrate a print approach with your online and social media strategies via our daily content website, weekly eblasts and Facebook/Twitter.

We offer 10 issues per year- monthly March-May & August-December, and two annual double issues: Winter (Jan/Feb) & Summer (June/July). Per issues features and topics subject to change and outline does not include all aspects. Consult with YOUR sales representative or publisher for specifics on every issue! Here are our highlights for 2015:

     Winter: Bridal Guide

     March: Dining Guide

     April: Home & Garden

     May: Happy Anniversary YOUR Williamson!

     Summer: Men, Golf & Summer Fun

     August: Health & Wellness Guide

     September: The Real Estate Issue

     October: Fall Fashion & Philanthropy

     November: Celebrate Business in Williamson County

     December: Holidays!

You have lots of options for advertising.  But ask yourself these questions when considering YOUR Williamson:

Who is your target customer? Where do they live? Dine? Shop? Socialize? How many magazines with your ad in it is enough to make an impact in a month; year, lifetime? How important is product quality? Color? Local content? Community and business relationships? Quality of life? Do you want to do business with known and local professionals who are honest, tried and true in this market and industry? Does it matter that someone speaks the truth and provides honest and forthright answers to YOUR inquiries and business needs?

If it’s about YOUR community — shouldn’t the content be about people you know and do business with; important information that is useful to you and your readership; appropriate to their age, interests and place in the community?  Is it important to have an integrated marketing plan — complete with niche print, event exposure, web, e-marketing and social media? And even more important to have trained and professional staff and marketing/sales experts to help YOU make the right business decisions that will benefit YOU and your business plan?

This is where we come in. Partner with YOUR Williamson to promote your business and we will do the rest and provide all of the above. Your business is unique and so are we. Let’s not follow the norm. Let’s exceed YOUR expectations together!

Email us at sales@yourwilliamson.com for more information on how you can put YOUR business in the hands of your target demographic!