Why You Should Always Have a Plan B at Your Wedding


It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B at your wedding. When planning your wedding, most brides have a vision in their head of the absolute perfect day when the sun is shining and happiness abounds. And yes, every bride should be the happiest on her wedding day, but just know, nine times out of ten, something will not work out as planned.

As for me, yes, my day was the best ever. However, a huge branch got stuck to my dress as I was walking down the aisle, my florist forgot to bring some of my flowers and the DJ announced the song I was supposed to dance to with my brother, when he was nowhere to be found. Not to mention, we ran through our sparkler tunnel only to stand on the side of the road waiting fifteen minutes for our getaway car (very anticlimactic!). But you know what? That’s not what I remember about my wedding day. What do I remember the most? My dad’s heartfelt speech and my friends getting crazy on the dance floor. And most of all, we felt so loved with all of the friends and family who were there to celebrate us! However, it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B for your wedding and most of all – have a great attitude about it. Just roll with the day knowing that things are likely to not go as planned. So how can you prevent some mishaps from happening on your wedding day? I’ve outlined some tips below!

Have a Rain Plan

Outdoor garden weddings are all the rage, especially in middle Tennessee when the weather is really nice in the spring and fall. They are some of the prettiest weddings in my opinion, however, thinking about a rain plan is a MUST. This is something you need to plan ahead of time – not on the day of your wedding when it is raining. With my background working at a party rental company, we would get so many calls on rainy days requesting tents for weddings. And the sad news was, we could not provide them since permits are typically required ahead of time. Oftentimes, the tents are sold out far in advance. Reserving a tent ahead of time can mean a hefty deposit, however, it will give you peace of mind on your wedding day. I would advise its best to choose a venue where there is an indoor option for your ceremony in case of rain that day. You will feel much more at ease instead of panicking last minute when there happens to be a downpour right as you’re about to walk down the aisle.

Hire a Wedding Planner

What do you do when it’s thirty minutes before dinner and the caterer hasn’t shown up yet? Or if your table linens were never delivered? This is my biggest piece of advice: hire a wedding planner. As a bride, you will not want to be putting out fires on the day of your wedding. Do you picture yourself setting tables in your wedding dress right before you’re about to walk down the aisle? No! No bride should ever be doing that! When you hire a wedding planner, they will take care of all the behind the scenes issues that might take place. And the best part is, you’ll stay cool, calm and collected as a bride since your planner will handle any snag that comes their way. You won’t even know about it! Sit back, relax and keep sipping that mimosa with your bridesmaids and leave the rest up to your wedding planner.

Have Your Contracts on Hand

Wedding contracts between you and your vendor team are so incredibly important. Make sure you read them thoroughly and think about every expectation you have for that vendor at your wedding and make sure it’s in your contract before signing away. It’s also important for your wedding planner to have all of your contracts on hand and to read them over before the wedding. This way they are filled in on how the day will go and can keep each vendor accountable for what they agreed to. Did you ask your baker to provide three small cakes and they only showed up with one? Read your contract and have your planner handle the situation. Again, you don’t want to be on the phone with your bakery (in your wedding dress) working out any hiccups the day of your wedding. Leave it to the professionals.

Don’t Stress

So be prepared. Your wedding will most likely not go the way you planned. Yes, it would be awful for a huge thunderstorm to pass through on your wedding day, or for traffic to delay your ceremony. But it’s nothing to cry about. Remember, this is your special day and no matter what happens, you and your fiancé are there to celebrate your love and profess those meaningful vows to each other. We often overlook the actual “getting married” part when planning a wedding. But that’s the most important part, right? Being mindful of dedicating your life to the one you love and having your loved ones there to witness it is something special. So, get that Plan B in place on your wedding day and just know it will all work out!


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