Beauty Junkie: Back to School Beauty Routine


Focus On Your Skincare Arsenal

Now that you’ve finished buying school supplies and whatever else children need these days, it’s time to focus some attention on your skincare arsenal. If you’ve not used a product in a few months, toss it. Are there multiple products in your cabinet promising to do the same thing? Pick the one you use most consistently and throw away the others. Pare down your routine to a manageable number of steps – you don’t need more than a few; cleanser, anti-aging serum and eye cream, moisturizer, sunscreen are the basics. The same goes for your makeup drawer: weed out cosmetics you don’t use or have “turned,” cracked compacts, funky eye pencils, etc.

Beauty “School Supplies”

Give your makeup bag a rubdown with an anti-bacterial wipe, and rejoice in the blissfully streamlined products that you truly love and use daily! A fun approach to take involves a grownup translation of essential throwback school supplies: pad, pencil, paper. The “pad” is a makeup palette containing shades and products used regularly; the “pencil” a go-to shade (or two) of eyeliner that you can apply in a flash; and the “paper” refers to blotting papers for you oily-skinned lovelies or for those days when the humidity just refuses to go away without a fight.

Skincare Routine

Mamas to pre-teen girls, this is the perfect time of year to introduce a simple but reliable skincare routine. Keep it as simple as possible without sacrificing product quality or performance. Those sweet girls can have some very hormonal, angry skin. Avoid harsh chemicals like alcohol and steroids as much as possible, and aim for a gentle but effective cleansing, toning and moisturizing combo. A mild formula like Cetaphil gently cleanses, contains witch hazel tones without irritating and a high-quality coconut oil soothes while also battling breakouts.

School Spirit

“But, Beauty Junkie, I love to rep my favorite team on the weekend now that football has started,” you say. No problem, my spirited sweeties! You can incorporate your favorite school’s or team’s colors without looking like some deranged super-fan. A colorful mani always makes for an easy way to show your spirit – I love choosing the alternate shade for my ring fingers for a pop of contrasting color. Another option, especially if loud nail colors are frowned upon in the workplace, is to rock a pedi with the two shades of your fave team on alternating nails. Please don’t use hair chalk or colored spray if you’re old enough to legally buy alcohol. Those cute little stickers in your school’s logo placed high up on one cheekbone are just fine for game day. Should your favorite team’s colors include blue, green, purple, or even gold or silver, a tasteful swipe of eyeliner in that shade, on upper lids only, is another way to show your spirit in a classy way.

Do y’all feel a tiny bit smarter? I sure hope so! Go forth into the fall with gorgeous skin and a simple but beautiful makeup routine, showing your team’s colors and all. And maybe rocking that pedicure in a cute pair of open-toed booties!


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