Your “Bone” Vivant: Back to School


Hello there, WC dog lovers!

Sit. Stay. Listen up! I celebrated my second birthday in July, but my Momma says I still act like a puppy. I am one smart pup though! I know I get a little excited at times and forget to listen, but I eventually do what I’m asked. My Momma tells me I need to be a good boy and act like a gentleman. She works with me a lot on my manners and I really enjoy it, because usually I get treats or ear scratches! I know it is important for me to be a good boy, and I think it is important for all pups.

August is the time for the kids to go back to school, and that includes the fur-babies too! Responsible dog parents should work on training and obedience all the time, not just when we are youngsters. The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is hogwash! Dogs can learn, throughout their lives, new commands and tricks. Some may be more stubborn than others and require more patience, but it is simply a matter of working hard – not just the pup but the owner too. Sometimes, you also may need some help from professional trainers or schools. Luckily, there are numerous dog trainers in middle Tennessee, including at local PetSmart stores. They offer a variety of training classes and if you adopted your pup, then PetSmart offers a discount on the training classes too! If you do not have time to find a dog trainer or do classes, then make sure you are having one on one training time with your pups.
Here are some key things to work on (and how I feel about them!):

Come (Okay, except when I am running after that squirrel!)
Stay (Sure, but there is a squirrel over there!)
Sit (Fine, but my bottom will still wiggle.)
Down (This is too still for me.)
Leave it (But, it looks so good!)
Walking on a Leash (Oh, we are going somewhere!)
Manners with Other Dogs (C’mon, let’s play!)
Manners with Other People (But, they really want to scratch my ears and my booty!)

So, while you are picking up those school supplies, grab a bag of dog treats for our school too!

Wiggle bottom and slobbery smooches to you and yours!

Ollie Pup
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