Your “Bone” Vivant: Pup Road Trip Tips


Hello there, WC dog lovers!

Did you say car ride??? I love car rides! My momma likes to take me with her in the car and sometimes we go places and stay there for a few days. These trips are fun, but I must make sure I have all of my toys, treats, food, leash – all the important stuff. I just can’t go anywhere without my stuffed toys!

My momma is good about packing all of my stuff for trips. Us pups can get stressed about long car rides and different places, so it makes it easier on us to have our own things when we travel. Here are some travel trips to consider when taking your pup(s) on a road trip:

Collar with Identification and Leash – This is an important one! Make sure we have our collar on securely with the proper tag/identification just in case we get separated from you. Also, make sure you bring our leash, so we can go out and about in areas that are not fenced in.

Food – Make sure to measure out enough food for all of our meals while we are traveling and it’s a good rule of thumb to add two extra on top, just in case you get stuck somewhere longer than expected and cannot make it to the store for our dog food.

Medications – Make sure to bring any of our needed medications with an additional few doses, in case the trip lasts longer than expected.

Bowls – Make sure to pack the bowls we use at home or something similar that we are used to as sometimes it can be difficult or stressful to eat or drink from strange bowls, or they might not be elevated enough if we are used to having ours on a stand.

Bed – If we don’t normally just sleep in the bed with you and have our own bed, bring that for us. When we are used to a bed and then made to sleep on the floor, it can make us restless, uncomfortable, or possibly even cause pain.

Crate – If we are used to being in a crate at times, then bring that along for us. We will feel more secure in our crate if you are not there or have to leave us in a new place.

Treats – Make sure to pack us treats!

Toys – Don’t forget our favorite toys! We will want them with us to play with.

It may sound like a lot, but it isn’t too much especially if it means we get to travel with you! Safe travels!

Wiggle bottom and slobbery smooches to you and yours!
Ollie Pup

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