Dental Bliss: An Interview with Dr. Megan Hord



It is not hard to fall in love with the small-town vibe, the people and the culture of Franklin, Tennessee. The same feelings persuaded Dr. Megan Hord to build her career as a dentist in middle Tennessee. A graduate of dental school from the University of Louisville, Dr. Hord knew she wanted to be a dentist at age fifteen. “I had braces and when I got them off, it completely changed my smile and boosted my confidence. I knew then, that I wanted to bring that feeling to other people, which is what brought me to where I am today,” says Dr. Hord.

Dr. Hord takes the building blocks of Dental Bliss to a new level by focusing on prevention. “Healthcare is changing. We are moving toward preventative care in dentistry and other disciplines. We prefer to see people before there are issues. Most dental intervention can be prevented through regular visits to the dentist and better hygiene practices,” says Dr. Hord. “We want to educate every one of our patients to be better stewards of their own teeth, so that when we do see them, it’s just for their re-care cleaning and exam. We want to continue to see you and keep you a part of our dental family.”

Dr. Hord wants to show patients dentistry can be comfortable and pain-free. “Our sweet and gentle staff always have the patients’ best interests at heart,” she says. This is the core goal of Dental Bliss and why, even the most timid patients, leave feeling great about their experience. Dental Bliss was originally built for fearful guests, who have had traumatic experiences in the past, causing them to avoid the dentist.

Dental Bliss does not look like your typical dental office. Tucked away amongst trees and a peaceful stream, it has the vibe of a spa-retreat log cabin. Walking into the doors of Dental Bliss, a friendly staff member greets patients; offers freshly baked cookies, choices of snacks and a refreshment. While waiting for the appointment, patients lounge in comfortable leather chairs, relax by the fireplace and watch TV. Once taken into the treatment areas, floor-to-ceiling windows bear witness to the wooded landscape, vintage barn and gentle flowing stream that rest on the property. Complete with a fireplace next to your chair that warms the soul, even on the hottest of Tennessee summers.

One-on-one time with Dr. Hord and the hygienist gives focus on the individual needs of each patient, so that custom treatment plans can be created. “No patient is alike, so no treatment plan is alike. We make sure that every treatment is designed to give patients the smile of their dreams,” says Dr. Hord.

“A lot of our patients visit for various reasons, so one of the questions we like to ask is, ‘Why now?’ The answers vary, but whatever the reason is, we want to build back your confidence so you are proud to smile,” says Dr. Hord. Dental Bliss also encourages families to come in. Most dental habits are taught and learned at a young age. By teaching children good dental habits, they may end up in better shape than those who did not start early.

Franklin has been very good to Dr. Hord. She found a great place for her career and the love of her life. She is getting married in November, and is excited to see what her future holds, to start a family and dig her roots here in Williamson County.

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