Health & Fitness: Authentic Waxing With Family Ties


Brazilian Wax Studio

Thirteen years ago, Glayciane Rocha, and her two daughters, Thais Rocha and Larissa Mimata, made their way to the United States from Brazil, with lots of dreams and expectations. Never in their wildest dreams did they think one day they would have their own waxing studio and that they would be able to do it as a family. Last year, they decided to pack their bags with their husbands and children and make their way to Middle Tennessee, leaving behind the city of Atlanta where they had lived for twelve years.

“When our family visited Nashville for the first time we fell in love with the city, the atmosphere and loved the people,” says Thais Rocha. “We saw the opportunity for our family to serve the families here by offering a service we know best. Back home, waxing is second nature to us and is what we use for hair removal.”

Every person that walks in the doors of Brazilian Wax Studio is considered a friend. These ladies have found it makes their jobs even better by connecting and making friendships with each of their clients. “Most importantly, we were able to tie our craft to ministering about the love of God. We are so grateful for the love we have been receiving from Franklin and the surrounding cities with trusting us for their hair removal services,” says Rocha. “We are eager and excited to see what the future holds for us, as our dream keeps on growing!”


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