Interior Thinking: Autumn Elegance


It’s every southerner’s favorite time of year: football, bonfires, s’mores, hayrides, cider and most importantly – fall décor. Or wait, maybe that’s just us here at ReFresh Home! But, who can blame us? A new season is an opportunity to freshen up your space and bring new life to your home. We want to share a few of our décor tips to help you get into the swing of the season.

Our key to seasonal decorating, just like with every day décor, is to make a statement while staying simple. Keeping it simple is not only a good move from a design perspective, but it also makes it easier to keep up with the seasons while keeping up with our schedules. Less really is often more. Unless you’re creating a haunted house, you likely want to achieve a look that’s festive, but sophisticated. To help with this, we like to pick a few specific areas to style for fall and keep it at that. Our go-to spots include the mantle, table centerpieces, outdoor planters and front door. This list allows us to keep it to a minimum, but still get creative. It’s no secret that we’re all busy; having a few designated areas makes it easier to find the time to swap out our décor.

Another important thing for us is to use mostly “seasonal” décor instead of “holiday” décor. This allows the pieces you choose to have a bit more of a life-span. You can only bring these guys around once a year, so let’s maximize the amount of time you can keep them out! We use a lot of pumpkins, plant life and pops of orange to give us all the feelings of fall while giving us three months of use, instead of just one. If you’re a fan of Halloween like we are, this doesn’t mean you should throw out the jack-o-lanterns and skulls. Our advice is to pick and choose a few special pieces that can be easily swapped, without starting back at square one once the holiday is over.

You’re going to want to blend your everyday with your seasonal décor. If you’ve seen designs by ReFresh Home, you know that we like to keep things pretty neutral. Why? For seasonal décor! If your overall look is more subdued, that gives you the freedom to swap your pillows and other accessories with the season. You can add those pops of color without having to worry about interfering with the look and design of your space.

Lastly, one of our rules for every space and every design is to get creative! Your home is your sacred space, it should always reflect who you are and what you like. Even when decorating for fall, think outside of the box and show us what you love!


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