Interior Thinking: Bring the Holidays Into Your Home


By Kelly Oakley  |  Photos by Eloise Photography

We’re getting close to Thanksgiving; and while it’s easy to get swept up with travel plans, cooking plans and family plans, we always find it important to take a moment and step back from the chaos. The families we’ve worked with around the holidays always say that having our ReFresh Home team do their holiday decorating takes so much of the pressure off their shoulders. But, for those of you who like to do it yourself, we’ve compiled a list of this season’s must have décor items to help you transition into the holidays. After all, tis the season to be holly and jolly… not stressed!

One of our all-time favorite décor accessories hands-down are antique books

They’re beautiful sitting on a shelf, between a set of bookends, or in a stack on your coffee table. Pick out books that hold a special place in your heart or find a stack who’s look coordinates with your style. Use one or use several to add height and dimension to your bookshelves. Basically, you can’t go wrong here! Another tip for the holiday season is to use several books in festive colors, and flip them around when the season passes for a neutral year-round look.

We all have our weaknesses

Those things we just can’t live without and we keep coming back for more. For all of us girls at ReFresh – it’s pillow covers. We can never have enough! Swapping out your pillow covers is an easy way to make a huge impact. When you toss new throw pillows on your sofa or your bed, you completely change the look of the room. Our featured fabrics for pillow covers this season are velvets, furs and chunky knit. They’re cozy, they’re classy, they’re the perfect addition to transition your home to fall and winter! Plus, when you’re all done with your decorating you get to curl up with them and your coffee or hot cocoa and relax.

Plants and pots

This is a two-part accessory. We’ve been getting our hands on as many unique little pots and planters to add to our side tables and shelves. We’ve also been pairing them with our artificial drop-ins for those of you who might have a black thumb, like me. My favorite part about these pots for the holidays is that you can swap out your greenery for a cotton stem or little snowy pine tree for a festive look.

Our final favorite is pretty much a no-brainer – Candles

We all know that there is just something special about those smells from our childhood. Those smells that immediately take us back to a memory or a moment. The ultimate goal with home décor is to create a space that is not only beautiful, but most importantly feels like home. Cute candles are a simple way to add a small décor element and give you that transformation. As soon as the temperature drops in the fall, all it takes for me is to light my Walk in the Woods or Tree Lot candle and I feel like my home is a dream.

Having those go-to items to add some flare to our homes help us keep the stress to the minimum- and that gives us more time to focus on the true meaning of the holidays. As we celebrate this year, we want to celebrate shopping small. On our list of things to be thankful for, we’re including all the things we love about being a small business. While you’re out shopping for your holiday décor – pay a visit to the many local stores in our area. The only thing that makes our favorite home items even more special is knowing that it came from our home in Williamson County.



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