Interior Thinking: A Home for the Holidays


By Kelly Oakley
Photos: Karianne Wood

The garland is on the stair rail, lights are going up on the rooftops, there’s extra traffic at the mall and it’s starting to get dark by 4pm. It’s December.

December might just be my favorite month of the year. I think I say that a lot, but seriously – each month has its own unique personality. You get different holidays, weather, events, fashion and décor. December especially comes packed full of special traditions and moments.

A few years ago, our team at ReFresh Home had the pleasure of working alongside Gregg & Rains and put together what turned out to be a beautiful parade home. One of our newer December traditions at ReFresh is looking back through the photos and reliving this one-of-a-kind experience and this one-of-a-kind home. Take a tour through this house with us and pick up some Christmas decorating tips along the way.

The exterior of this home is a dream. The elevation was beautifully designed and the white brick created the perfect backdrop for our holiday décor. We kept it simple outside with just a simple wreath, garland and a few strands of lights along the roofline. The outside of this house was going to set the impression for what this home was about. This look said it was unique and fun, but also classy. You could tell before we even set foot inside that this house was going to be something special.

Who says that wreaths were made for your front door? Certainly not us! Give us a wreath and we’ll put it anywhere. Like on this giant window pane in this foyer. Add in a sparkly pillow and you’re done. We’re all about small details that make a big statement – and that’s exactly what we did here.

We’re also about big details that make big statements. Which is apparent by this truly unique dining room. The faux finish on the walls was created by Bella Tucker Designs and what a stunning job they did. Each and every time we see the photos of this room we are awe-struck.

And, look at the chairs. For these little guys, we used candle rings and tied them on with ribbon to create a little bit of a twist on a classic feel. We always want to keep a balance between formal high-end and casual. That’s why we mixed burlap and a wood distressed planter to pair with the dressier elements of the room.

Walk through the kitchen and you’ll notice, yet again, another wreath. I promise this is the last one, but we just can’t get enough of them. It’s the perfect simple touch to add that holiday flare to any space.

I think we can all agree that the best part of the holiday season is food. So why not focus your energy on those spaces meant for eating and entertaining? Here’s another table setting that instantly puts us in the spirit of Christmas. Also, I may have fibbed a little because there they are. More mini wreaths.

Before we leave this winter wonderland, we’re showing off this gorgeous holiday décor staple. That’s right! You didn’t think we’d leave you without a Christmas tree! One of our favorite tricks is to ditch the skirt and put our trees in a planter. Like when decorating any space, adding that unique touch to personalize your home makes such a statement. I think that is what made this home in King’s Chapel so special. We were able to test our creative limits and toss in sentimental touches to every little corner.


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