Hosting a Guy’s Night



By Krista Ehret

A guys’ get-together is typically not one of your more formally planned-out events. The details are fairly simple and straightforward. Invitations: a text message. Menu: pizza, beer, wings. Entertainment: a sporting event. Venue: the bonus room of whomever is blessed with the largest flat screen. While this is a tried and true recipe that really need not be altered, why not spice things up every now and again? Here are some theme ideas that will put a new spin on guys’ night.

Poker Night. This is perhaps one of the most timeless options for an excuse to hang out with just the fellas. Unfortunately, I see it way more in the movies and sitcoms than in real life. I think this classic deserves a comeback. When pitching the idea to the group, be specific as the sound of “game night” could trigger flashbacks of endless rounds of Cranium and Battle of the Sexes with the whole couples group. It’s to be a manly game of poker with low stakes as not to disgruntle the already disgruntled uninvited spouses. Food should be non-messy finger foods (subs, pizza, chips and dip) that can be eaten at the table. Ensure all attendees there will be a tutorial before the first hand. This way no-one is left out if they don’t know how to play and everyone is playing by the same rules.

Spirit and Cigar Tasting. This does not have to be as formal as it sounds. Unless you’re having a special celebration, leave the cigar roller and tasting expert off the list. Start by selecting your favorite liquor: scotch, whiskey, rum, etc, and then offer three to four options. Stick to one type of drink to avoid the night going downhill quickly. Also, purchase a sampling of cigars. Talk to someone at the store who can recommend some various options that will pair well with your liquor. Look for selections in different price points and from different parts of the country. Do enough research to have some basic info about each option but not so much as you need cue cards. Plan a heavy meal to eat before the tasting. Think pasta, steak and potatoes. You want something solid sitting in everyone’s stomachs.

Corn Hole Tournament. This is a great option for a larger group as you can be outdoors and set up several boards to be played simultaneously. To keep things fair, draw names to see who gets partnered with whom and make it a rule that no one gets to play on his personal board. Create your bracket, string up some lights, put out some mosquito repellent, ice down some drinks, and you’re all set! This is the perfect opportunity for grilling so select something low maintenance like hamburgers and hot dogs.

Just as with any ladies’ night, the real point of this is to have an excuse to get together and spend some relaxing quality time with your friends. Whether cheering on the team or grilling in the back yard, make sure to carve out some quality guy time this summer.



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