A Lady Entertains: Hosting the Perfect Graduation Party


By: Krista Ehret

Graduation is in a couple of short weeks. While 2017 seniors are anxiously finishing finals and counting down the days, parents are working through the “happy” tears to put together celebrations to honor their grads. Whether an intimate dinner or a full-blown event, here are some tips you can incorporate for the perfect graduation party.

Let the Guest of Honor be Involved.

Unless you’re planning a surprise, let your graduate help plan the big details of the bash. Find out what they want the vibe of the party to be. Do they want a DJ? Maybe they have a favorite restaurant? Who do they want in attendance? If you really want them to get a taste of the real world, give them a budget and have them work through the who, what and when details.

Venue is Key.

If you don’t already have a location, you may find your options somewhat limited. May is a popular time of year for events. However, this type of party can definitely be done at home. You can also reach out to close family and friends if they have a more entertaining friendly abode. Get creative and consider bowling alleys, escape rooms or parks.

It’s All About the Food.

I think in this situation, it’s important to know your audience. While the cute décor may tickle your fancy, the high school guests may be less enthralled. The menu should be your starting point and where the majority of your budget is allocated. Casual crowd-pleasing fare is going to be your best bet. Mexican food is inexpensive and easy to cater in. Backyard BBQs are always a hit. If you want something more unique, contact a few local food trucks and see who will accommodate private parties.

Entertainment Options.

Okay so you have the location and the food, now what is everyone going to do while they’re there? This comes down to the grad’s interests. Dancing is really only appropriate for large evening events. You may consider karaoke, a photo booth, slide show, trivia or yard games.

Décor and Details.

As mentioned above, if budget is important, don’t go too crazy with the details. You’ll want a table for gifts and a guest book. You may ask guests to write a piece of advice on a card that you can then put together in a framed collage and give as a gift. Guests will love looking at photos of your grad over the years. Place several framed ones around and consider having a photo book as your guest book. Centerpieces can be as simple as a cluster of helium balloons with some photos on holders placed around them. Favors should be edible. Consider a popcorn station or decorated cookies.

Cheers to all the 2017 graduates!


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