Larry Thorne of Global Motorsports, Inc.


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By Andrea Davis

Seven years ago, Larry Thorne partnered with owner, John Ginther, and opened the Cool Springs location of Global Motorsports, Inc, a luxury car dealer specializing in a wide range of pre-owned import cars. Larry describes Global Motorsports as a “boutique” dealership, comparing it to the level of personal service received when shopping in a boutique, as opposed to a large department store. He says this practice leads to high expectations from their customers, and understanding their needs and fulfilling them meet those expectations. Larry explains that they are able to accomplish that with a trained staff, knowledgeable enough to answer any questions and handle all of the buying experience themselves. Customers only have to deal with one person. You never hear “Let me go get the manager,” at Global Motorsports.

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Community engagement is a high priority to Larry and everyone at the dealership. They are very involved in local charities, such as Lily’s Garden, BRIDGES and the many events that benefit them, especially ones involving golf or equestrian sports. In addition to charities, Larry feels that it is of great importance to reciprocate his business with other local businesses. “There’s a level of appreciation I have for other local businesses,” Larry said. “They are the fabric of our community.”

The majority of the automobiles at Global Motorsports are two to three year old, one-owner, lease returns from the manufacturer with low mileage and under warranty with the option to extend. Global Motorsports also has it’s own service center with highly qualified technicians, providing everything from oil changes to transmission replacement with a commitment to excellent service in a timely manner. In addition to the quality of the inventory and services provided, the success of Global Motorsports is, no doubt, a result of the exceptional attention given to the customers. Unlike some of the big companies, when there is a problem, customers can talk directly to Larry to get the help they need. “There’s a reason there’s not a door on my office,” he said. “I can replace cars, not people.”

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