Lotz House Announces Newest Matilda Lotz Painting


The Lotz House unveiled its newest Matilda Lotz painting on Sunday, December 17 that was donated by an anonymous foundation member. The painting depicts a dog through the use of oil and canvas.

Lotz created the painting of a dog while she was studying in Paris at the age of 21. This piece is the 8th original Matilda Lotz painting on display at the Lotz House.

“Adding another Matilda Lotz painting is extraordinary,” said J.T. Thompson, executive director of the Lotz House. “It’s amazing to see the generosity that supporters continue to bestow on the Lotz House as we work to preserve the legacy of the family and tell the important stories of what took place on these historic grounds.”

The Lotz House Foundation member purchased the damaged Matilda Lotz painting 18 months ago. After several donations from Lotz House supporters across the world, the painting was repaired and unveiled during the annual Christmas open house event.

The painting will be on display in the entry way of the Lotz House and can be seen on tours of the home. For more information, call 615-790-7190 or visit www.lotzhouse.com.


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