The Marriage License Lady of Williamson County


By Anna Robertson Ham

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.59.09 AMMarriage license. Those two words are part of a very exciting moment for engaged couples. It is that moment where you receive a piece of paper that makes everything seem so official… feel more real… and make you realize that it’s really happening.

All engaged couples must get their marriage license within thirty days of their wedding ceremony. Thirty days out, the couple is usually full of joy, enthusiasm, and maybe even a little bit of stress leading up to their big day. Those working with the county clerk’s office can help make things a little easier because, let’s face it, they have seen it all. There is one lady in our community who has definitely seen it all, as she has been in the business for almost fifty years.

Elaine Anderson, who has lived in Williamson County her entire life, has been working with the Williamson County Clerk’s office since July 1, 1967, and was elected as the County Clerk in 1998. It is her signature at the bottom of that important piece of paper that makes it official. Elaine says she has issued tens of thousands of marriage licenses since she began working in the county clerk’s office. She loves helping engaged couples get that next step checked off the list of reaching their goal of marriage. She also loves serving the community and enjoys working with her fellow employees, who serve our county.

From Elaine’s seat, she sees couples come in and get their marriage license and greets them with a warm smile and words of humorous wisdom. I know this personally, as my husband and I saw her in September when we walked in as an engaged couple to get our marriage license. Her humor and love for her job is evident as she sits behind the counter helping gather the information. She is one of the memories that stands out in my mind from our wedding planning. My husband and I walked out of the Williamson County Clerk’s office thinking that she really must love what she does to be there for almost five decades serving our community’s citizens.

Luckily for Williamson County, Elaine has no plans of retiring from the workplace and job that she loves.


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