Ms. Social Grace’s Guide to Noisy Neighbors


Ms-Social-GraceDear Ms. Social Grace:

For the first time in two years, our family is taking a family vacation. I’m writing this from my beach chair in Rosemary Beach.

First of all, I want to say how grateful I am to be able to go to the beach and enjoy time with my family – it’s a much needed break.

I love our spot. We picked it because our children are now old enough to ride bikes, and we feel safe in giving them a little freedom.

But, let’s get right to it, the folks that are staying above us sound like a herd of elephants all day long!

It sounds like they are clog dancing from 7 in the morning until late into the evening.

So, what do I do? Go up there and demand they quiet down? Bang on the ceiling? Or contact our rental agent? It’s driving me crazy that we spent all of this money, and we can’t relax. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Looking for Respite in Rosemary

Dear Looking for Respite in Rosemary:

Ms. Social Grace is delighted to hear that you and your family have some time away from home and are enjoying the beach in Florida.

The answer to solve your issue is definitely to contact the rental agent.  The agent isn’t emotionally involved, and he or she wants each family to feel happy about their experience on the site.

If you were staying in a hotel and had noise issues, you would probably contact the front desk. Treat this situation the same way, and let the folks that are professionals take care of you and their other guests. You chose your location by the amenities, safety and quality of the site, and as you said, you paid “all this money” for the rental. Let that same good choice guide you to allowing others to help you.

Ms. Social Grace knows that by the time you read this, you will be back in town and your children will be back in school, and is hopeful that you were able to resolve the situation and relax in Rosemary.

Ms. Social Grace

Ms. Social Grace uses several resources including the etiquette defining tomes of Miss Manners as a reference for all responses regarding appropriate behavior. You can get advice on questions of etiquette by writing to Ms. Social Grace at


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