Ms. Social Grace’s Guide to Being Nice



Dear Ms. Social Grace:

Our family is preparing for the school year, which begins the first week of August.

Our youngest child will start in middle school, and we’ve been reviewing the school rules.

We noticed the “Be Nice” campaign and our lovely child is excited about living it out in her new classroom.

As you know, the tween years are tough and being nice can sometimes be difficult.

So, are there any things that we can do to help her prepare to “Be Nice”?


Nice in Nolensville

Dear Nice in Nolensville:

The “Be Nice” program is a great one. The program started at Fairview High School in 2013 and has now been adopted by both of the Williamson County School and Franklin Special School Districts. In fact, September is “Be Nice” month.

Here are a few suggestions:

• Be Kind – to everyone

• Be Clean – whether it is your language or your work space

  • Be Courteous – wait your turn

• Be Truthful – and, please, don’t repeat something that might not be the truth

• Be Nice – lift up other folks – even when it is difficult

Enjoy that new Nolensville school. Ms. Social Grace believes the beautiful setting will make everyone want to “Be Nice”.

Have a great school year!

Ms. Social Grace uses several resources including the etiquette defining tomes of Miss Manners as a reference for all responses regarding appropriate behavior. You can get advice on questions of etiquette by writing to Ms. Social Grace at


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