Ms. Social Grace’s Guide to Steeplechase



Dear Ms. Social Grace:

I am recently single and have been invited to sit in a box for the Iroquois Steeplechase.

I have attended in the past. However, it has been quite a while, and I was always part of a couple. I have some questions:

– The invitation includes just one spot. Is this typical?

– It seemed when I last attended everyone was paired off.

– I do not want to attend and be the only person there without a date/spouse/significant other.

– I also need some wisdom about the issue of a “hat.” Is it required?

– I am sure I’m making this more complicated than it is, but, this is s my “single” woman debut. I want to be prepared.

Gratefully yours,
Hoping to “Horse” Around in May

Dear Hoping to Horse Around:

First of all, take a deep breath, deep – all the way down to your toes.

Second, remember that you have been invited to attend the social event of the year for Nashville.

Folks would love to be in your Lily Pulitzer shoes right now.

Ms. Social Grace suggests that you go online and look at photos of Iroquois Steeplechase “past.”(See page 32-35 in this issue)!

I am confident that you will see that many people who have attended were not coupled up.

Further, I believe you will see all manner of hats, hair clips, fascinators and such.

Ms. Social Grace wants you to pick a dress and hat (or not!) that you feel comfortable and pretty wearing all day long. Lean into the fun of the day and simply enjoy the horses, the people watching, maybe a mint julep and know that it’s all for a wonderful cause.

It will be fantastic! Happy Steeplechase!
Ms. Social Grace

Ms. Social Grace uses several resources including the etiquette defining tomes of Miss Manners as a reference for all responses regarding appropriate behavior. You can get advice on questions of etiquette by writing to Ms. Social Grace at


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