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WCS Boasts Highest AP Participation in Tennessee

Williamson County Schools continue to lead the state in Advanced Placement (AP) exam participation. According to school district information, 5,007 WCS students participated in at least one AP exam last year which is more than any other district in Tennessee. Although the district has about 3.7 percent of the state’s public-school population, WCS students make up seventeen percent of the students participating. A total of 3,526 WCS students scored a three or higher which accounts for about twenty-two percent of the state’s total. Meanwhile, seventy percent of WC students passed at least one AP exam which is about ten points higher than the global average.

District Works with Students to Create Student Bill of Rights

The Williamson County Board of Education voted to approve a Student Bill of Rights for the school year. This document, drafted with the help of students who serve on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, lists the rights of students across the county. The students talked with their peers for input on what to include and tried to make it apply to students across all grade levels.

Three More Students Earn Perfect ACT Scores

A score of thirty-six on the ACT is a lofty goal, but three Williamson County Schools students achieved it on the June exam. Centennial High student Wyatt Ward and Ravenwood High students Andrea Huang and Sarah Preston all aced the college entrance exam. Wyatt is a junior at Centennial High who is challenging himself by taking difficult courses. Andrea and Sarah share a passion for learning and music as both are in the Ravenwood High Orchestra.

Teacher Receives New Van at State of the Schools Luncheon

Scales Elementary first grade teacher April Garrett got the shock of a lifetime while attending Williamson Inc.’s annual State of the Schools Luncheon. Garrett, who had been told she was needed as a table host for the event, was invited on stage for a surprise announcement by Wholesale Inc. representative Chad Montgomery. The presentation was part of a partnership program called “See a Need, Meet a Need.” Scales Elementary principal Melonye Lowe nominated Garrett for the honor, saying she is a single mom of four teenagers who had experienced some car trouble recently.


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