Pours & Palates: 1892


By Anna Robertson Ham

There is a new dining destination for food lovers as well as history buffs. 1892 opened its doors at the end of October and sits in the heart of Leiper’s Fork village. The new restaurant is a perfect addition to the little community, positioned right in the midst of the main drag, and offering a variety of culinary creations. Williamson County locals, Jordan and Dylan Morrison, are the owners and operators of the restaurant. Dylan is also the head chef, having fun every day creating and serving dishes that are unique and memorable.

The location of 1892 is as fitting as the restaurant’s name, which was decided based on the date the historic home was originally built. Also, Jordan and Dylan met just down the way at Puckett’s Leiper’s Fork. Growing up in the area and having an appreciation and love for Leiper’s Fork, is how their journey began to open an incredible eatery that boasts working with local farmers. Practically everything on your plate is homegrown and homemade. Whether it is the vegetables, the meat or the breads. They also serve local craft brews and offer the option to bring your own wine with a minimal corking fee.

The restaurant itself, gives a nod to the era that it was built. The majority of the décor includes period pieces and antiques, showcasing the beauty of the home that once was. It is a smaller space, providing an atmosphere that is more intimate and inviting, making it a perfect place to celebrate or unwind. Not to mention, the food is delectable. I visited with Dylan and Jordan and had the opportunity not only to meet some of their amazing crew, but to experience a few of the menu items that have already become favorites with locals.

First, I tasted the Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps, which is prepared in a Sweet Soy Glaze with Spiced Peanuts and Kimchi. The dish was beautifully presented and the taste was impeccable. I was not sure what to expect, as pork is not my normal go-to or what I would ordinarily order on a menu. However, the way the meat is prepared with a twenty-four-hour cure, I could practically cut it with a fork. That with the sweet and spicy mix of seasoning and glaze along with the crunchiness of the lettuce and peanuts topped with the fresh taste of herbs – this was not only an exciting dish, but one that you will come back and order again and again.

Next, I enjoyed the Alaskan Halibut with Sweet Corn Purée, Horseradish Mash, Lemon Brown Butter Vinaigrette and Crispy Herb Salad. Now, this would be the dish I would initially gravitate towards while out dining, and let me say I was not disappointed. The halibut holds together perfectly with a seared and seasoned crisp outer later. Served atop the horseradish mash and corn purée, it has a kick and a sweetness that meld together in a way that brings all of the flavors to life. And, if you are a person who loves to have textures mixed, then you will appreciate the crispy herb salad. I love to combine several components on my plate in one bite to experience all the flavors and ingredients and how they complement each other. This dish was very enjoyable.

Lastly, I had dessert. . . This was like no other dessert though. The house-made Sweet Corn Ice Cream is paired alongside lightly salted Popcorn and topped with Bacon-Brown Sugar Caramel. Wow! Dylan took the staple cravings of the human race – salty and sweet – and put them one bowl together but in a way that played off the flavors in the most impactful and delicious way with this one.

From the drive into the historic village, the feel of the overwhelming sense of comfort and relaxation in that little section of our county, to the superb food and staff – this is a treasure in our community. When passion for creativity, quality and history collide – you get 1892. I suggest you venture to Leiper’s Fork and enjoy it for yourself.


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