Socially Yours: Hostess Gifts


By Shelly Robertson Birdsong

Let’s face it, the holidays are a major marathon we run every year. Yet every year, we are met with the same hurdles we encounter yearly and plan – to plan ahead next year. The key is planning, preparation and ease! One area that I have finally managed to tackle and maintain control over, is hostess gifts.

I mean, by the time it’s all over, you will have the opportunity to attend a number of parties, drop-ins or have someone drop by your home, at the holidays. A ready-made hostess gift stash is always a good idea. It’s actually something I started doing all year awhile back, keeping a small stash of hostess appropriate gifts tucked away with wrap and ribbon, whenever the need should arise. For the social butterfly, it’s a must. Especially come holiday time. Client parties, friend parties, family gatherings – you will start filling the calendar quickly and every good southern lady knows – you just can’t show up empty handed. Definitely not at the holidays anyway.

So, what are my go to holiday hostess gift ideas? Well, a candle would top the list. At the holidays, there are so many amazing scents of the season and candles seem to be packaged up and ready to walk out the door for you in many local stores. Target has a seasonal stand at the front of the store that at Christmas has multiple candle options, perfect to wrap and pair with something additional or by itself. Target’s options are usually price friendly too, ranging from $3-$7 – which, when you need to buy a dozen, is much gentler to the pocket book. I also look for the $5 range of ornaments at places like Hobby Lobby – and even a bit higher price point there, as EVERYTHING is usually 50 percent off! A lovely glass or dated ornament doesn’t have to be expensive to be endearing and classic as a hostess gift. Keep tissue and wrap with small boxes on hand and you are done in minutes.

Of course, the bottle of wine in hand is always appreciated by your hosts and I suggest purchasing a case of wine – a $10 bottle is fine – and you can usually get a case discount as well. Keep on hand so you can provide both a contribution to a holiday meal or gift as needed. Other great options: cocktail napkins with fun holiday one liners, plastic party cups pre-packed and perfect for the hostess who will “host” often during the holidays! Pretty dish towel sets and hand-towels with embroidered Christmas tidings are also a great way to give a little gift and say thank you for having me over for your party. Merry Christmas!


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