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These two Williamson Women Leaders help drive growth by putting clients first as well as giving back to the community in leadership roles

Want a simple recipe for business success? Put clients first.

That may appear obvious, but it’s not as easy to pull off as it sounds. For example, do your company’s sales presentations focus on what the client needs rather than what you are trying to sell?

Brentwood-based LBMC, the largest Tennessee-based professional services firm, is fortunate to have two high-energy innovators leading the charge on client-first strategies, Marketing Director Suzanne Reed and Client Experience Director Leisa Gill.

Suzanne, who joined LBMC about a year ago from the financial services industry, believes that effective marketing brings value to potential clients by providing them with important information they did not already know. For example, she believes that by sharing the firm’s expertise with potential clients in a variety of venues – from blogs to white papers to social media and beyond – LBMC is putting their needs first. That in turn motivates potential clients to convert themselves to actual clients.

Suzanne takes a holistic approach marketing using both science and art. She has enhanced the use of data analytics as a marketing tool at LBMC, while also promoting creativity in communications. She is on the forefront of shaping what marketing will look like for the future by integrating data analytics, sales and marketing- something many professional services firms are not yet doing. She also extends the integration principle to her team, cross-training members so they can be agile in responding to ever-changing needs.

A mentor and adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, Suzanne teaches a very popular Principles of Marketing class, which will be a core class in the new business minor just launched at VU. Suzanne and her husband live in Franklin and have two children.

Leisa, longtime key member of the LBMC leadership team, launched a new position at the firm a year ago – Director of Client Experience – putting LBMC in the forefront of the professional services industry. She also serves as Leader of the Privately Held Business Segment, where she brings her business acumen and team development and practice growth strategies to enhance performance for privately owned company client teams.

In her Client Experience role, Leisa is charged with applying a client-first lens to the firm’s processes and making sure they all drive towards providing an exceptional client experience. The lens is applied to all the elements that go into a customer’s journey – from their first company contact to the point when they receive the invoice, to a follow-up process to make sure that LBMC delivered on their needs.

Taking a client-first approach means making changes in everything from training to insuring consistency of service to empowering employees with the flexibility to take actions that make a for a client experience unique to LBMC.

Leisa, who was recently named a Woman of Influence Trailblazer by Nashville Business Journal, lives in Brentwood with her husband, they have two adult daughters. She, too, gives back to her community in many roles including serving on the Nashville Area Board of Directors for the American Red Cross, Chairing the Communication and Community Outreach committee.

“LBMC stands out in its industry because of commitment to client service and meeting our client’s needs through our Family of Companies. Leisa and Suzanne are critically important to these areas and the future of LBMC,” says Jeff Drummonds, managing partner of LBMC. “Their backgrounds and roles work in concert to continue to attract the best clients, attract the industry’s best talent, and to increase the visibility of LBMC.”


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