From Our House to YOURS: 'Tis the Season

Dec 14, 2021 at 10:01 am by RMGadmin

By Holly Hamilton

It is finally here…for most! Although, for Jill and myself, we have been decking the halls since October 31st!  And, for Christmas, not Halloween. This brings us to this issue, featuring our client in Kinnard Springs, just on the outskirts of Franklin. I will be sharing some ideas of ribbon choices, tips for sprucing up, wearing Styrofoam cranberry garlands, as well as pine cones and other tips of the trade. Do you know when to purchase new or how to mend the old? What about the dreaded fuse  making your lit tree go out! Or worse still - one lone strand! 

You can do all of it yourself or better yet… “Deck your Halls with Jill and Holly” can! 

But if you do decide to go it alone, remember: Patience and following through is key once you start digging out the boxes in the attic or storage area.   

The Hogg family has shared their home with us for two years of decorating their home for the holidays. We always like to begin with any new client, with a conversation about your heart’s desire on decorating the tree, the front scape around the entryway, and the banisters and railings. 

It is always a treat to see everything lit up when your guests arrive for the family meal or gathering on Christmas day.  

One big piece of advice to all of you do-it-yourselfers: Remember to set a budget… And stick to it.  

Decide your color scheme and overall theme in color, texture, and style. I always enjoy monochromatic looks that coordinate the home’s furniture and color scheme. In contrast, Jill likes more festive colors, like reds and plaids that traditionally speak Christmas. 

The most important element of any design has to be the lighting! We can  even add incandescent mini lights, lush ribbons and a key fob timer to the outlet with a push of our finger to turn off or on from inside your warm home! 

For example, the Hogg’s tree, banisters, and outdoor entry are all set to convenient and pleasant timers. After a long day coming home from work, what a terrific ‘push of a button’ to get everything on quick, instead of bending over and fooling with plugs and outlets.  

Nativity porcelain keepsakes make a lovely statement, such as the one on the mantle at the Hogg home. Mingled in with pine needle garlands adorned with mahogany pine cones, lights and ribbons make us all remember the season as you walk in the main living area. 

A few tips:

For those undesirable red berries that have faded to a pale pink or have white holes - use a red fingernail polish bottle and repaint them. 

Children love to get involved and help mom or dad, too and it’s a great way to spend your Saturday afternoon with the family!  

A spray can of polyurethane is outstandingly a quick fix to spray your brown pine cones and bring their luster back to life. It takes fifteen seconds for total restoration. 

Another quick fix is a spool of ribbon… Take off old faded and crinkled ribbons and make new bows and streamers.  

When the top half of your tree inadvertently goes out, don’t be quick to anger; just fix it. Open up the plug, it has a sliding plastic movable door (most do not know this), slide it open. A spare fuse is on the left, and the blown one is between the gold metal brackets. Replace and VOILA! You are back in business with lights all a glow! 

One more tip:  Next year will go even faster for decorating if you properly store your decor away in tubs, labeled by room and itemized by specific area. A little more time-consuming on the front end, but a wonderful excitement the next year when pulling it all back out. Putting effort into something is an excellent return if you follow through! And remember, we are just a phone call away!

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all!

Jill Ward & Holly Hamilton
Deck Your Halls with Jill & Holly
Holly Hooper Hamilton and Jill Ward can bring your holiday dreams to life, while also taking the pressure of decorating away from your to-do list. They work with new and can bring in old elements from your holiday decor collection, to make your home a picturesque wonderland for making memories. Contact them at 615.578.8488 or to discuss getting your home holiday ready.