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Jan 24, 2022 at 11:42 am by RMGadmin

Imagine the Possibilities with Kousouli Chiropractic Health and Wellness

Imagine going through a life-altering event that leaves you injured and in constant pain. Trying to accomplish everyday tasks such as walking, brushing your teeth or combing your hair can result in pain. Whether a patient is rear-ended in a car accident or finding ways to function post-stroke, Dr. Theo Kousouli, owner of Kousouli Chiropractic Health and Wellness, can help patients overcome these obstacles.  

Dr. Theo uses the latest chiropractic and holistic healing techniques to raise a patient’s quality of life. As a result, patients have experienced improvements in their spinal health through a uniquely-developed technique that blends muscle testing, applied kinesiology, hypnotherapy, and chiropractic evaluations. Other holistic therapies include K-NER (Kousouli Neural-Emotive Reprogramming), deep tissue work, supplements, herbal medicine and constitutional homeopathy.   

Kousouli Chiropractic Health and Wellness goes beyond standard X-ray and surface EMG studies and will test for environmental toxin exposure, hormone balance, food sensitivities, neurotransmitter balance and more. Dr. Theo’s wife, Dr. Christina Kousouli, a naturopathic doctor, herbalist, homeopath and wellness coach, is on staff to round out the comprehensive, holistic wellness program. The practice offers affordable holistic care for all ages – from newborns to seniors and even family plans. 

Most of us have experienced some aches and pain in our lifetime – whether it’s back, joint or muscle pain from an accident, poor posture, stress, overexertion or occupational hazards. These changes may impact the nervous system, organs, tissues, glands, and other body areas. As a result of aging, pain is a common health issue and can happen more often and transfer to different areas of the body intensely without proper maintenance of care.    

There is no doubt that taking care of your skeletal and nervous health is vital to mobility and can vastly improve your life when working with a qualified doctor. You may not be hurting now, but improper posture, limping or a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease may be indicating to you that your neuro-musculo-skeletal structure is starting to weaken or be compromised. The good news is you can take a proactive approach to remain healthy and mobile by scheduling a consultation to see where you’re at with your health. 

It’s time to live your very best life! Go from pain and immobility to power and imagine the possibilities!

Dr. Theo Kousouli - Chiropractor, Hypnotherpist

Theo Kousouli D.C., CHT. is a doctor of chiropractic licensed by the Tennessee Chiropractic Board of Examiners and certified master hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. With over fifteen years of experience, his approach as a healer is skillful and masterful, aiding patients when their efforts for answers have fallen short elsewhere. Theo has written ten books on health and wellness. He has presented to the National Symposium for Integrated Health on the Harvard campus to other top health experts and specialists on the importance of his methods. He is frequently invited to speak as an expert on television and radio and at symposiums. He mentors and teaches those seeking elite human transformation in their lives. To learn more, visit: and or call 615.435.3643 to schedule a consultation.