Styling YOUR Everyday: Bridgerton Inspired Decor with Mrs. Southern Social

May 09, 2022 at 11:55 am by RMGadmin

Bridgerton is back! It’s incredible how much this show has influenced the zeitgeist since its debut. In fact, one of the significant wedding trends for 2022 is Bridgerton-inspired decor. Think English gardens, blue and white, pretty china. Last year, Molly Sohr and I paid homage to the show with a fabulous tea party setup, and it was such a hit that I wanted to revisit the theme with a fresh table. I hope you find lots of inspiration for all of your spring celebrations!  

Table Design

To help set the Bridgerton tone, I once again turned to Vietri, a go-to tabletop brand for dishware, flatware, serving pieces and more. You can find everything I used here on their Mary’s Spring Picks page. How fabulous are these salad/dessert plates? The gold detailing, the gorgeous pastel colors – I love how clean and modern they look when paired with a simple white dinner plate. The gold edging is repeated in the stemware, a small detail that ties it all together - important when playing with color and doing a lot of mixing and matching. 

The silverware is so fun and different. I think the metalwork gives it some vintage flair, but the clear acrylic keeps it modern. I wanted to take my inspiration from Bridgerton without the table feeling too “themed” or silly, so contemporary touches like the lucite and organic-feeling dinner plates help achieve that.

We chose multicolored snapdragons for the centerpiece and arranged them in Vietri’s hibiscus vases in varying sizes. I adore these vases and love that they come in every color and size imaginable. You can order these beauties online, or if you’re in the Nashville area, Tulip Tree keeps a ton of them in stock. As for the flowers themselves, a favorite trick is using one type of bloom in multiple colors to create a lush centerpiece. The multi-color effect gives the whole thing dimension, and it’s much easier to arrange when you’re working with only one type of flower. The placemats, napkins, and tablecloth are all from Mrs. Alice, a perennial favorite for all things “English garden.”

Lastly, there is no “rule” about how long a tablecloth should be – it’s entirely a matter of aesthetic preference. Try out a few different sizes to find the dimensions you like best!  


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