Interior Thinking: The World of Wallpaper

Jun 21, 2022 at 10:25 am by RMGadmin

By Amelia Rose Smith

Robert Malmberg, an award-winning portraiture, still life and landscape photographer, has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. Robert’s career as a professional photographer took off in New York City in 2006. He had a commercial studio and gallery space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for eight years where he produced photo shoots for clients and hosted events. This endeavor influenced Robert to sell his photography print to interior designers as a way to make connections and be known. What started as a side project turned into another realm of his business, which eventually led to… Malmberg Wallpaper. 
Malmberg Wallpaper launched in March of 2021 as a result of the pandemic and extra time for creativity. Robert’s extensive background in art, paired with his curiosity for interior design, inspired this venture. He has also pulled artistry for multiple of his creations from the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach.  Rorschach’s education in art helped develop the set of inkblots that were experimentally used to measure unconscious parts of a subject’s personality. The inspiration from Herman Rorschach is found in Malmberg’s designs, “Ink Blot Study” and “Cheetah.”
Malmberg Wallpaper combines professional fine art photography with mixed media artwork, resulting in striking designs. Most of the prints begin with a photograph shot by Robert himself. From there, Robert starts designing the pattern and the unique qualities it will involve. Robert feels that his use of photography within his wallpaper gives it a unique edge - and we agree! As you look closely at Robert’s prints, you can see the raw moments and real-life subjects captured through photography. These details bring life into a space by sparking conversation and drawing attention to the room’s features. The design process from start to finish takes time and intention, but Robert has found gratification through the appreciation of his designs by interior decorators, designers and homeowners alike. 
The wallpaper is printed in the United States of America with eco-friendly, heavy non-woven vellum paper. Each uniquely-crafted pattern is digitally printed and is available by the yard in residential and commercial grade paper. As of now, sixteen designs come in multiple different colorways. Robert describes the collection as it stands as “quite bold, colorful and maximalist leaning.”
In addition to wallpaper, Robert offers original fine art prints, both framed and unframed. Malmberg Wallpaper is featured in showrooms in Chicago, Houston, Miami and New Orleans, with hopes to open one right outside of Williamson County in Nashville! For more, visit

Wallpapering 101

Wallpaper truly reshapes a space. Robert says, “Having done it in our own home, it is totally transformative. Wallpaper is a way to revamp, recreate and personalize a room, no matter how big or small! Wallpaper can set the mood of a room, whether that be calm and serene or bold and moody – a style MALMBERG Wallpaper has captured – it can create a frame of mind or essence in a space. Robert acknowledges that wallpaper can be intimidating. But, if anything, start with a water closet, powder room or kid’s bedroom to step into the world of wallpaper!
  • It is so deeply personal – go with your gut! Work with a designer if needed and feel free to step in and add your input too. “YOU will be the one living in the space and seeing it every day. YOU need to love it!”
  • Order samples– Browse the offerings, narrow the selections, pin them on the wall and live with ‘them’ for a while. As you walk by and live in the space, one will catch your eye!
  • Hire a pro! A professional hanger will save you the stress of mistakes. They know how to measure the precise amount of paper needed for the space.

'Inkblot Study’ is inspired by Herman Rorschach’s ink blot test. The Rorschach test was introduced in 1921 and is a psychological test where subjects’ perceptions of inkblots are recorded, then analyzed. Robert was artistically drawn to this test due to its hieroglyphic-esque symbols that create a bold and unrepeatable pattern. The ‘Inkblot Study’ comprises numerous original “plates,” as Robert refers to the mirrored images. Robert made the print by using mars black and iridescent gold acrylic paint. This pattern is a beautiful statement for a room or lounge area.

Available in: White, Hummingbird Pink and Gold