Southern is YOUR Lifestyle: Sorority Recruitment 101

Aug 02, 2022 at 10:05 am by RMGadmin

BY Courtney Dillard  |  Director of Communications for Alpha Omicron Pi
Membership in a sorority or fraternity aids students in finding connections on campus, provides countless leadership and development opportunities, plugs students into immediate service opportunities and gives them the chance to make lifetime friendships. However, the process of joining a sorority, known as Recruitment or rush, can be a bit overwhelming for not only a soon-to-be college student but also a parent. So, here are some tips to help YOUR student and YOU through the process.
What is Recruitment? 
Recruitment is the process for membership into any of the twenty-six National Panhellenic Council (NPC) organizations. The process varies in length from three to five days depending on your college or university and allows potential new members (PNMs) to visit each sorority or fraternity on campus. 
Before beginning the Recruitment process, it is vital to determine what you are looking for in an organization. You will want to make sure you find the right fit, so make a list of the things that are important to you. Are you looking for a group to get you out of your comfort zone? Are you looking for a home away from home? Are service and philanthropy priorities? How involved do you see yourself on campus? These are all great questions to consider when finding a mutual fit for Greek membership. 
How to get started in the Recruitment process: 
  • Visit your campus’ Panhellenic website to register for Recruitment.   
  • Make a list of all NPC groups on your campus and start your research! Follow their local chapter on social media. Look at their regional websites. Can you picture yourself there? 
  • Determine if the local chapters on your campus recommend providing Membership Information Forms for their organizations. If so, put a call out on social media to alumnae of the chapters you need. Many alumnae are ready and willing to recommend friends to their sorority for membership. Be prepared to provide a resume as it makes this process much easier for your alumnae friends.
The actual week or weekend of Recruitment will be busy! Plan your attire with the Recruitment schedule, and remember to factor the weather into the equation. If your campus Recruitment is in the fall, it will be hot, and walking from house to house will be required. Prioritize cute, comfortable and cool over fashion!
 Be prepared to consider how you will answer the obvious questions: What is your major? What do you plan to do with your major after college? What interests you about sorority life? What activities do you want to get involved in? These questions seem simple, but it is easy to get distracted by loads of information thrown your way during Recruitment week!
During your Recruitment parties, preparing a few questions is a great to keep the conversation flowing. Things like: “What advice would you give me on how to get involved with this sorority?” “What is one thing differently you would do during your first semester?” and “What is your favorite philanthropy experience?” These helpful questions show that you are interested in learning about their chapter and will confidently prepare you to experience all that sorority Recruitment has to offer.
Most importantly, keep an open mind when going through Recruitment. After attending all the rounds and events, you might find that your preferences in chapters shift, or you could receive a bid from a different organization than you initially thought. Keeping an open mind throughout the entire process will help to ensure that you have a complete collegiate experience. 
Participating in Recruitment is just the first step in your student’s Greek experience on campus and will open you to a world of endless growth, connections and friendships. So be yourself, stay open to new ideas and have fun!