We're in the Money: How to Budget for Charitable Giving

Oct 11, 2022 at 12:33 pm by RMGadmin

with lineage bank

Plenty of people want to give to organizations they feel passionate about supporting, but the uncertain financial times we have faced in the last two years have made this difficult for many families. 
Of course, it is important to take care of your family’s needs first (food, housing, medical expenses, bills, etc.). However, with proper planning, you’ll always be able to give – even if you feel money is tight. 

Start Small

The amount of what you give does not matter. It’s the simple act of giving that counts. If you feel you can’t give money up front, give in other areas. Donate some of your unneeded items like clothes and shoes. You can also give your time by volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. 

Set Up a ‘Giving’ Account 

If you have an account solely dedicated to giving, you will be less likely to take funds out of it for other reasons. Name your account ‘Charity’ or ‘Donations’. This will discourage you from taking funds out for other purposes. You can also set up direct deposit. Again, start small by just putting in the portion you are comfortable with. 

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead will help ensure you can give when you would like to. Aside from setting up a specific account for giving, take a look at the causes you would like to support at the beginning of the year. This will help you budget for when that important time comes, and you will be confident knowing everything else is already taken care of. 

Find an Important Cause 

You will be far more likely to give if you support the cause. This will help you stick to your commitment and feel good about your donations. 
As I mentioned previously, you do not always have to give money to support an organization. Our staff is involved in many organizations around town like The Bridges DVC, Williamson County CASA, DUI Court Foundation and several more. 
If you are wondering how you can get involved, or simply looking for some advice to budget for charitable giving, give Lineage Bank a call at 629.248.9085.