Beautiful YOU: Woodhouse Spa Franklin

Nov 07, 2022 at 03:15 pm by RMGadmin

Picture this… You step into a room filled with scents of rosewood and bergamot. You take a deep, healing breath and are instantly transported to a refined, luxury wellness experience. The kicker? This luxury wellness experience is located right in your backyard.
Luxury wellness is an experience that is difficult to come by, especially in the fast-paced world we live in. At Woodhouse Spa Franklin, we place the highest value on creating experiences that are unique, personalized, luxurious and intentional. We are masters in Mood Care and our goal is to ensure you leave our spa feeling calm, balanced and confident, so you can continue to take care of yourself at home.
At Woodhouse Spa Franklin, we offer decadent massages, rejuvenating body treatments and relaxing facials with exclusive rituals built into each. While massages and facials are relaxing and effective alone, we take your experience a step further by offering a customizable Infrared Sauna, a dedicated Meditation Room, a self-guided Aromatherapy Bath and a Halotherapy Salt Cave with real Himalayan Salt. As a result, enjoy the benefits of detoxification, increased blood circulation, sinus relief, lung relief, skin condition relief (like eczema and psoriasis), the promotion of a more consistent sleep cycle and total relaxation.
To ensure you receive the highest level of service, we use the highest quality body care products and medical devices on the market, like Phytomer, Doctor Babor, HydraFacial Syndeo and Pure Lift Microcurrent. We are an exclusively HydraFacial Syndeo spa (don’t be fooled by the “old” models that are still on the market!).
You can also shop our boutique for carefully curated wellness items like Doctor Babor skincare, jewelry from Susan Shaw and Julie Vos, satin pajamas from PJ Harlow and more. Trust us, you’re going to need some help carrying your bags out to the car!
You only have one body, so pamper it with a luxury wellness experience catered to your specific physical and mental needs. In a world where travel is becoming more stressful (and expensive), a luxury staycation is just what you need to find peace.

The next time you’re at the spa, try out these services…

Woodhouse Signature: HydraFacial Deluxe
Our most technologically advanced facial. This non-invasive treatment pairs our proprietary combination of exfoliating products, antioxidants and more with our anti-inflammatory LED therapy. This service also includes décolletage. 
Woodhouse Signature: Sculpt
This premium facial combines intensive facial massage, microcurrent technology using the non-invasive Pure Lift face lift device, facial cupping and Gua Sha techniques to lift, sculpt and leave your face glowing.
Woodhouse Signature: Calming Retreat
Experience peace and harmony with a taste of seven specialized treatments. This blissful, head-to-toe ritual begins with full-body exfoliation followed by a therapeutic stone massage. Next, a neck and shoulder massage releases upper body tension, followed by relaxing and renewing acupressure and massage of the scalp, hands and arms, enhanced with the ancient restorative art of reflexology.