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Nov 07, 2022 at 03:19 pm by RMGadmin

BY Amelia Rose Smith

This month’s Read Between the Lines is a celebration of local women writers. Williamson County is blessed to have an abundance of strong businesswomen dedicated to sharing valuable information, experiences and truths that will renew your spirit and encourage you to dig deeper in your career and life. Enjoy!

Mila Grigg is a brand expert who has been coaching and consulting companies around the country for the last twenty years. Mila’s career has been dedicated to building personal and company brands – “I’ve worked with some of the greatest business leaders of our time,” admits Mila. “All those stories – success, failure and building businesses – are in the book.”
Forged By Fire is a branding bible for anyone wanting to build a personal brand. Whether an employee or an entrepreneur, the goal of this book is to walk you through a step-by-step journey on how to be seen, valued and rewarded. Mila tells, “So many people go through life not reaching their purpose…it is vital to be able to know your gift, share it, market it and be seen.
Pieces of Mila’s journey are interspersed throughout the main content of building a personal brand. Her story is one of grit and redemption, of building an unshakeable foundation amidst adversity and rising above it to be better than ever. She shares the painful and inspirational parts of her journey along with a proven framework for navigating hardship and utilizing it for personal—and professional — growth.
Mila admits, “This is not a schmoozy marketing book – this is how to authenticate who you were created to be, regardless of your past mistakes, and use your value and stories to share with the world.
Mila wants readers to recognize, “You have a purpose. You have a gift. Just because you are doing good doesn’t mean you can’t be doing GREAT. So, use this book to grow your brand and create more opportunities for you and your family.”
Individuals and businesses alike can learn from Forged By Fire. “Anyone who needs hope, inspiration, motivation and a process that helps them to find their purpose should pick up my book,” says Mila.
Forged By Fire can be purchased at Also, follow Mila’s social media at @modaimagebrandingandconsulting.

Brittany Hodak is an entrepreneur, professional speaker and author with a background in the entertainment industry. Before launching her startup, ZinePak, Brittany worked with several record companies, exceptional talents and brands. She was even invited to appear on the hit television show, Shark Tank, to pitch ZinePak – centered around creating products and experiences for superfans. She received six-figure offers from four of the five sharks!
“Over time I realized the same principles artists and brands use to create ‘superfans’ can be applied to non-entertainment businesses,” admits Brittany. “I became obsessed with the idea of creating a framework any business owner could follow to feel that same ‘rockstar status’  reserved for entertainers. That’s what led me to sell the majority interest in my startup, move to Franklin and become an author and speaker!”
So, what are “superfans”? Brittany shares, “I define a ‘superfan’ as a customer whose experience with you is so good that they come back and tell their friends. Put simply, superfans are customers who create more customers.”
“But, here’s the thing about superfans: You can’t buy them; you can only create them. How? By creating the kinds of experiences people want to have again and again,” explains Brittany. “The world we live in is so connected, and good businesses don’t stay a secret for long. Customers tell their friends. They come back and bring their friends. A well-executed superfan strategy is one of the most powerful ways to future proof your business because your customers literally become your competitive advantage.”
When Brittany started writing Creating Super Fans, she set out to make it “really fun.” She wanted people who don’t necessarily love books to want to read this book. So, Brittany used color throughout the book and song titles for every chapter and major heading. Brittany shares, “And, of course, there are plenty of fun stories from working with celebrities and brands.”
The book is about customer experience. It’s a how-to manual that any business owner can use to improve the experience employees and customers have with their business — ultimately leading to more repeat business, more referrals and more revenue. Creating Super Fans will help you define, understand and share your unique brand story. The book includes checklists, exercises and easy-to-implement tools too “Whether you’re launching a career as a recording artist, running a tech startup or helming a hundred-year-old brand, you, too, can tap into the power of superfandom.”

Hannah Paramore Breen is a pioneer in the digital world. In 2002, she started creative agency - Paramore Digital in Nashville. With a fresh business concept, a stunning office in a prime location – the corner of Fifth and Broadway – and an excellent team, why would she eventually end up selling her successful company?
Let’s start from the beginning. “Like many entrepreneurs, I became a business owner by accident,” admits Hannah. was her first experience with a startup. “I loved the pace, the young team and the fact that I learned something every day.” But, after three years, CitySearch was at a turning point, and it was time for her to move on. This was in early 2000 when the internet was young, and the first dot com was happening. Hannah tells, “In those days, it wasn’t hard for me to find a job, but it was hard to keep one. However, at each job, I learned valuable lessons about how to manage change, how to network and how to unwind a company.”
Eventually, Hannah realized she felt safer on her own than working for any of the people offering her jobs, and that is when everything changed. “Things came together quickly. Less than three years later, I had an office (in that prime location) and a handful of employees.”
As she was approaching fifteen successful years, Hannah got an offer to buy her share of the company. The crazy part, she was not marketing to sell it! With the guidance of her husband, Bill Breen, PGA pro, she took a leap of faith and let go of her beloved business to pursue new things.
Fast forward a few years, and now Hannah is here to help those in the same situation. Business Ownership is the story of Hannah’s exit from her company and the lessons she learned as she handed her business over to new owners. Many people questioned her, “Why would you sell a business you love?” In truth, she grew older and wiser, and what she wanted to pursue evolved with her. Hannah says, “One’s business needs to serve their life rather than their life to serve their business. If you understand that quote, you will manage and prioritize how much time you spend working, the clients you take and the people you hire.”
Hannah’s experience preparing for the future of a company or brand is an invaluable resource to professionals of all ages, and her book is just that! Hannah’s book was written from a space of total vulnerability and honesty, detailing her successes and mistakes, the good, the bad and the crazy!
Purchase Business Ownership at

Janna Landry is an accomplished vocalist, speaking coach, professional actor and author. A Williamson County local, she enjoys coaching people of all ages in our community and beyond. Janna holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and has studied the voice extensively. With over twenty-five years of experience in the entertainment industry, she has a long list of production credits in theatre, television and the music industry.
Janna has always had a passion and talent for speaking. So, when she entered the business community and saw a gap for those struggling with confidence and concise communication, she knew she could fill it.
Through individual and corporate coaching, Janna has helped companies strengthen their core message and communicate better. In turn, companies can present unified and compelling communication to their audience for brand consistency and clarity.
Whether speaking to a crowd or in a one-on-one meeting, how you present yourself is extremely important and sets the tone. Janna shares, “A big part of acting is being keen on storytelling, knowing your audience and being in the moment –the same goes for professional speaking.”
Janna’s book, Dazzle Your Listener, is an instructional guide that utilizes practical tools to be more compelling when speaking. The book includes Janna’s “3 C’s to Success: Clear, Concise and Commanding Communication” and explains the importance of communication in business and personal relationships.
With memorable chapter titles like “The History of Blah Blah” and interactive pages for reflection, this is an easy read for those new to the business world and business professionals looking to elevate their ability to present.
So, find your voice, captivate your audience and become a better communicator by purchasing Dazzle Your Listener at