Nancy Conway, Leading Lady of Williamson County

Nov 07, 2022 at 03:33 pm by RMGadmin

By Amelia Rose Smith
Nancy P. Conway was born, raised and resides in Williamson County and has been in Chamber of Commerce work for forty-two years serving at two different chambers. She attended Vanderbilt University and graduated from the Institute of Organizational Management at the University of Georgia and served two terms as a Trustee for that Institute. For the past ten years, Nancy has served as Senior Vice President and Community Relations at Williamson, Inc. She is involved in numerous business and community activities and frequently speaks at ribbon cuttings in Williamson County. If there is a new business, you can bet on seeing Miss Nancy there welcoming it into our community!
How long have you lived in Williamson County? 
I have lived in Williamson County all of my life. I grew up on my family farm in the Triune/College Grove area, which I always loved. My father’s family are all from Williamson County and most of them settled here in the ancient days.

What is it about Williamson County that makes it feel like home to you?  

There is a sense of belonging here in Williamson County that makes it feel like home. I love meeting the new people who have moved to Williamson County, whether from this state or another. I love the mix of people we have here, and the fact that we respect diversity is great. Growing up and living here has made me realize it is a small world. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?   

I love researching local history because as a child my father taught me a lot about the history in our area.  

Where is your favorite place to go in Williamson County?  

I do not have one certain favorite place because this county offers so much. The rural areas offer the beauty of mother nature, and the cities offer our modern improvements. 

What organizations are you involved with?  

I am involved in Franklin Tomorrow (Board Member); Franklin’s Charge (Board Member); Columbia State Community College (Foundation Board Member); AgeWell of Middle Tennessee (President); Natchez Trace Parkway Association (Board Member); Franklin Housing Commission (Member).

What/ who keeps you motivated and inspired?  

By being involved in the local community. I continue to observe the changes and what the needs are. Growing up my school teachers also had a large impact and inspired me. I attended  Robertson Academy for kindergarten through eighth grade, and Franklin High School.  

How long have you been involved with the Chamber of Commerce?

I have been in Chamber of Commerce work since 1978. I became President/CEO of the Williamson County – Franklin Chamber in 1996. Prior to 1996, I was Executive Director. 

Anything else you would like the readers of YOUR Williamson to know? 

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