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Apr 06, 2023 at 04:07 pm by RMGadmin

Unlocking Career Opportunities: Summer Hospitality and Tourism Internship Program
The Summer Hospitality and Tourism Internship Program is a short-term learning and employment opportunity for Williamson County Schools and Columbia State Community College students interested in the fields of hospitality and tourism. The summer internship will provide students an opportunity to explore the diversity of career opportunities in the industry while learning more about areas directly related to their career interests.
The major purpose of the internship learning experience is for the intern to receive broad instruction of workplace expectations; confirm, narrow, or expand choices of career interest; develop an understanding of the connection between school-based theory and content and work-based applications; and increase awareness of the workplace, career opportunities and community resources. 
Eligibility & Selection Process
Eligible participants must be a Columbia State Community College student or Williamson County School graduating senior, rising senior or rising junior, and can provide their own transportation to the training and the worksite. Applications will be reviewed for responsiveness, completeness and neatness; diversity of schools represented; and strength of written responses. Final selection of participants will be made by the business they are placed with through their internship. 
Application Process
Application packets must include the following information as one completed packet:
  • Completed Summer Internship Program application (typed) 
  • Cover letter (typed)
  • One resume (typed)
Submit application packets to Heather Doleshel at heather@visitfranklin.com. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified by the business for which they applied. Please contact Heather at 615.550.2700 with questions.

Hospitality & Tourism Careers 
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Blogger/Writer 
  • Museum/Gallery Curator
  • Convention Organizer 
  • Tour & Travel Guide
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing 
  • Visitor Services Coordinator 
  • Cruise Line Representative 
  • Airlines
  • Culinary Arts 
  • Hotel Manager 
  • Concierge