Detox and Rebalance with Ritual Wellness

Aug 04, 2023 at 09:35 am by RMGadmin

with Lauren O'Neil 

Ritual Wellness is an ultra-private and relaxing wellness clinic focused on detox and drainage, located in downtown Franklin. Our services aim to help support your natural channels of elimination: Colon, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, liver and skin. At Ritual, we have curated the most effective non-invasive detox tools and therapies available to help support your optimal wellness.

What We Offer 

LIBBE colonics

Open system and gravity fed - the only LIBBEs in middle Tennessee.

Red Light Therapy & Photobiomodulation

For cellular repair, inflammation, pain, and mood.

 Infrared Sauna

Supports the cardiovascular system, skin, lymphatic system, and weight loss.

Cold Plunge

Supports the immune system; helps decrease inflammation and associated pain; helps regulate hormones; increases endorphins and dopamine; boosts recovery and mood.

Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

Increases your body’s ability to eliminate heavy metals and glyphosate via kidneys.

Ozone therapy

Can help to clean sinuses; helpful with viruses and mold; reduces brain fog; anti-parasitic; and can help non-healing wounds.

Cleanses, Supplements, juice and more

Grab a juice after your detox treatments from our grab-and-go fridge or schedule a cleanse with us to focus on: Parasites, yeast/mold/fungal overgrowths, heavy metals, estrogen detox, or specific organ cleanse protocols.

Also unique to Ritual is our additive menu. Additives are substances that can be scheduled in addition to our colon hydrotherapy service. Due to growing popularity, many people have recently become aware of the numerous benefits of coffee enemas for liver health, skin health, gall bladder health and even proper mineral and fat absorption. At Ritual, we offer organic dark roast or green bean coffee as well as probiotics, B vitamins, chlorophyll, ozone, Pau d’Arco, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Cistus Tea, and several anti-parasitic herbal blends and homeopathic remedies.
We aim to provide the highest quality offerings with leading-edge equipment to support your detox journey. Due to the water we drink, the air we breathe, herbicides and pesticides in our food and environment, and the foods of convenience that make their way into many Americans’ diets, we are often exposed to a heavier toxic burden than we realize. Over time, this can greatly impact our overall health. Detox therapies and lifestyle may provide the best way to address chemicals, microplastics, and endocrine disruptors we are exposed to daily. Many of our clients are initially referred by their natural or functional medicine doctor. While they may find our services helpful in addressing congestion or stagnation in a channel of elimination or in healing a gut issue, they continue to come as they find our services helpful in maintaining a level of health they never knew was possible.
Ritual is the perfect environment for experiencing these therapies with a friend or loved one. Many couples enjoy booking our private sauna room with a shower, red light therapy, and a cold plunge in the garden. If you’re a wellness enthusiast, we know you will appreciate the environment of Ritual and our knowledgeable staff. We are open seven days in beautiful downtown Franklin and we would  love to warmly welcome you to our world of detox!

206 South Margin Street  |  Franklin, TN 37064  |  615.628.8948