Christina & James Lohse

Aug 04, 2023 at 02:04 pm by RMGadmin

Medicine's Power Couple 

Christina Lohse, MD and James Lohse, MD are not only married to each other, but they are married to medicine as well. They both strive to bring their commitment to healthcare to the Williamson County community, through their individual specialties and passion for healing. Christina is a general pediatrician at Heritage Medical Associates, Westgate location. She has always loved kids, so pediatrics was a natural choice for her and she says that great joy happens when connecting with patients and making them feel comfortable in the office. “The best part of my profession is watching a patient grow from infancy to adulthood,” Christina explains. “The connections are made not only with the patient but also the parents. As cliché as it sounds, our children are our future, and what a blessing it is to be a part of nurturing them into adulthood.”


James owns and practices at The Next Level Health, which is a Primary Care Sports Medicine and Concierge Precision Medicine practice in Brentwood. Athletics have always been a part of James’ life and coupled with being passionate about sports injuries and concussion management, sports medicine was a perfect fit for him. The newest addition to James’ practice was born from his desire to be proactive and not reactive with his patients’ health and optimize performance for his higher-level athletes. James incorporates his twenty-five years of family medicine, sports medicine and now precision medicine to provide sports injury care to athletes and preventative health to his patients.


Learn a little bit more about the doctors with our interview below.

How long have you both lived in Williamson County?

Christina: We have lived and worked in Williamson County for seventeen years. We moved here directly after medical residency and fellowship to start our initial jobs here in Williamson County.


YW: What are three words that best describe both of you?

James: Passionate, humorous and dedicated.

Christina: Loving, organized and hockey- mom.


YW: Where is your favorite place to go in Williamson County and why?

Christina: Harlinsdale Farm is our favorite place in Williamson County. We are able to utilize it for many family activities including attending the Pilgrimage Festival every year since the inception, use of the dog park, an afternoon of fishing and family pictures. It will always be our heart of Williamson County.


YW: What keeps you both motivated and inspired?

Christina: We both feel like the relationship with established patients and striving to continue to provide the best and most up to date care, is what keeps us going day to day. We also know that as our children watch our hard work and sacrifice daily. They are learning to develop good work ethic and strong personal relationships through that example. Relationships are key to our practices, community and our family.


YW: What organizations are you both involved with and why? 

Christina: Battle Ground Academy because our children have attended school there; Nashville Junior Predators and GNASH (Greater Nashville Area Scholastic Hockey) - all three boys play hockey; Best Buddies of Tennessee because we love their mission to support inclusion of people with development and intellectual disabilities at all levels from middle school, high school and the work force; Friends of Franklin Parks because Harlinsdale is one of our favorite places and they have done a fabulous job of restoring and improving this lovely park.


YW: What is the one thing you both do not go a day without?

Christina: Coffee.

YW: Finish this statement. I am Williamson County because…

Christina: We are WilCo because we have committed to working, living and raising a family in this county. We have put down roots, made lifelong connections and made this our home.