Living Among Legends

Sep 05, 2023 at 11:37 am by RMGadmin

Nestled within the heart of Brentwood, a timeless treasure awaits—a classic gated residence that stands as a testament to history and the rich legacy of Tennessee. Secluded on 4.4 acres of private, fenced land, this historic property has been a witness to countless moments that have shaped the state’s cultural tapestry. From hosting influential figures to being the backdrop of an Emmy-winning culinary series, this dwelling has breathed life into Tennessee’s narrative.


“I chose Williamson County because I loved the rolling hills and the serenity of the area. I loved this house in particular, because my neighborhood was a great place to walk, and if I wanted a little more trail time, I could take my dog down to several nearby parks. I also loved that it was centrally located, and easy to get to Music Row for business, and easy to head a little farther south into Cool Springs and Franklin for shopping and great food!” reflects Trisha Yearwood, the country superstar who has called this estate home.
As the sun sets on the era of Trisha’s time at the residence, the pages of this home’s story beckon for new chapters to be written. An opportunity for ownership presents itself, a chance to intertwine personal history with the rich threads of the past.

9324 Concord Road

 6,553 SF  |  4.42 Acres  |  5 Bedrooms  |  7 Full Baths  |  $4,500,000


The interior of this distinguished landmark resonates with a graceful allure—a layout featuring five bedrooms and seven full baths. An extended chef’s kitchen is the heart of the home, inviting both culinary mastery and cherished gatherings. Multiple sitting rooms bear witness to laughter, conversations and shared moments, epitomizing the essence of a home designed for entertainment and camaraderie.
Stepping beyond the walls, the estate’s park-like grounds are adorned with century-old trees, guardians of memories that have been woven into the fabric of the land. Among these guardians stands a serene swimming pool, accompanied by a pool bath with a kitchenette, promising relaxation, and rejuvenation amidst the beauty of nature. The property’s two gated entrances ensure that access is both private and convenient, setting the stage for an exclusive lifestyle.
Trisha’s own words resonate within these cherished walls: “Everything for me is about memories…sitting outside having my first barbecue with my parents after purchasing this house; our first Thanksgiving there as a family after my dad passed; the first time I cooked for Garth was in that house! So many amazing memories. The good news is I get to carry all of those memories with me!”
In one of the rooms, where skylights paint the space with natural light, a big shabby chic sectional once stood. Trisha recalls, “I had a rescue named Roseanne at that time…a German shepherd - chow mix. She and I spent lots of time on that sofa! It’s where I relaxed, watched bad TV, read and enjoyed coffee, and listened to those amazing summer rains on the copper roof.” It was here that serenity converged with creativity—a place to recharge and draw inspiration after the rigors of life on the road. As Trisha Yearwood shares, “That’s what home should be.”
Photography by Ben Fink
Ample storage—walk-in closets, cedar closets, and additional storage areas—reflect the home’s practicality. A detached two-car garage echoes the spirit of the estate—classic yet accommodating.
As the story unfolds, those intrigued by history and captivated by luxury have the chance to shape their own legacy within these walls. This landmark, this sanctuary, this living embodiment of Tennessee’s illustrious heritage stands ready to embrace new chapters, new memories, and new dreams. For more information, visit: