Soaring to New Heights

Sep 05, 2023 at 03:16 pm by RMGadmin

with Joshua Moore, Geospatial Drone Services
Hello Williamson County! My name is Joshua Moore, CEO and Remote Pilot-In-Command of Geospatial Drone Services, LLC. I am happy to announce that we are offering our full range of services to Williamson County-at-large. We provide Aerial Photography/Videography, Orthomapping and 3D mapping using our DJI drones. We also create Virtual Tours utilizing Matterport 3D - scanning technology. Drones and Virtual Reality are completely changing the ways that we are able to relate to the world around us! Combining both of these technologies allows us to provide unique aerial perspectives as well as extremely accurate Digital Twins that allow you to virtually walk-through your entire project as if you were there in person. Each of these services have their own applications and Geospatial Drone Services, LLC is proud to offer Williamson County both. 
3D-Mapping with Matterport Scanning technology has created an industry standard for immersive high-resolution Virtual Tours that we are very excited to put to work for you! We capture 360-degree images with Matterport cameras that are then turned into a Digital Twin. The Digital Twin of the home, building, or project is a fully explorable virtual copy of the space we scan for you.
These Digital Twins are extremely useful in Real Estate marketing as it allows customers to fully experience a home without actually having to physically be at the property. Further, we are then able to create floorplans and high - definition photos from the Virtual Tour at your request.
When I first started flying drones on my Grandfather’s farm in Eagleville, Tennessee back in 2019, I had no idea that nearly four years later I would be offering my company’s services in the YOUR Williamson magazine he would often have laying on the dining room table. My business was organized in Murfreesboro in 2021 and here in my third year of business I am honored to bring it back full circle. I’ve taken photos all over the state but some of my favorites are still those sunsets and sunrises from the old homeplace in Williamson County. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions even if you have just a curiosity! We are eager to serve and happy to discuss the benefit of utilizing this technology.  |  Geospatial Drone Services, LLC  |  615.624.4156 

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