Meet Eric Jacobs, CEO of the Battle of Franklin Trust

Nov 07, 2023 at 10:10 am by RMGadmin

The “I Am Williamson County” column features individuals in Williamson County who are known and unknown as staples of our community, doing good, being seen and exuding Williamson County! This month, we feature Eric A. Jacobson. Eric is the Chief Executive Officer at the Battle of Franklin Trust (BOFT), which is a 501(c) (3) corporation with a mission to preserve, understand and interpret the story of a people forever impacted by the American Civil War. BOFT also manages three historic sites in middle Tennessee – the Carter House, Carnton and Rippa Villa. November 30th marks the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin. Eric’s passion for shedding light on our local history on the battlefield is at the forefront of his personal mission to the community and those who visit the historic sites. Learn more about Eric and what brought him to be a part of the deep-seated past of Franklin and Spring Hill. 

YW: What is your profession, and what led you to choose it?

 EJ: History. For me, it was always something of a calling. I think our collective history impacts our day-to-day lives in ways we often do not consider.


YW: What are three words that best describe you?

 EJ: Committed. Driven. Persistent.


YW: Where is your favorite place to go in WC and why?

EJ: The Franklin battlefield. It is peaceful, impactful and communal.


YW: What keeps you motivated and inspired?

 EJ: The people who visit every day and the opportunities to save or preserve more land.


YW: What is the one thing you do not go a day without?

 EJ: Coffee and some perspective on the past.


YW: What organizations are you involved with and why?

 EJ: I am 100% committed to the Battle of Franklin Trust so Carnton, Carter House, Rippa Villa and two battlefields occupy seven days of my week.

YW: Tell us about the Battle of Franklin Trust and your involvement.

 EJ: The Trust was created in 2009 to bring together the two historic sites that were most impacted by the Battle of Franklin. The Trust took over management of Rippa Villa, which is directly connected to the Battle of Spring Hill, in early 2021. Today, over 100,000 guests visit the homes, and annually, they provide $30-$35 million of annual economic impact to middle Tennessee.

YW: Finish this statement: “I am Williamson County because…

 EJ: I am Williamson County because the history of this area is not just a local story, but rather it is a national perspective about who were in the 19th century and how it helps all of us better understand our place in the 21st century.