Meet Southern Doula Services, Your Parenthood Journey Partner

Nov 07, 2023 at 10:44 am by RMGadmin

Southern Doula Services is a full-service doula agency supporting families through pregnancy, birth and the transition into parenthood. This doula agency represents a labor of love, and a venture that melds the founder and owner - Laura Pasyano’s heart to serve with her background in education. “It fills me with such a sense of purpose and passion” Laura says.
This agency was born out of a deep-seated desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. “The seed was first planted when I became a mother, explains Laura.  “The support network that I had made the transition manageable, but even that was not enough to combat the postpartum anxiety that I developed,” she remembers. Amazingly, eighty-five percent of new moms experience some form of postpartum depression and twenty-one percent are formally diagnosed with a mood or anxiety disorder.  The reason for this is simple: Having and caring for a newborn is challenging, demanding work and parents are often left to deal with it in isolation. As a mother of four adult children, Laura understands the joys and challenges of parenthood firsthand.
The essence of her doula work is to provide hands-on, emotional, and informational support to the families she serves. “My curated team is truly committed to each family’s unique needs. Our approach is to wrap the entire family in the support they need to make the experience one of joy and confidence,” Laura says. Their shared mission is to go above and beyond to ensure every family feels supported, informed, and empowered in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
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“With Southern Doula Services, our birth doulas will help families find their inner strength, offering you support, knowledge, and encouragement throughout the journey.  Once the family is home, our postpartum doulas are there to cocoon the family in our steadfast care,” says Laura. Their support is focused on the entire family: The mother’s immediate recovery needs, the newborn’s adjustment to life outside the womb, the father’s role in bonding with his newborn and supporting his entire family. 
Overnight packages focus on restorative sleep for the whole family, laying the foundation for healthy infant sleep and offering overnight care so families get a full night’s sleep By providing hands-on care, emotional support, and education, their team of professional doulas eliminate the insecurity, overwhelm, and exhaustion that new parents face with individualized care tailored specifically to each family’s unique needs.
“I see my role as a doula to essentially provide families a lifeline,” says Laura; “ensuring they are fully equipped to transition into parenthood with confidence and ease. Family is at the heart of everything I do, and I bring that same warmth and care to my doula work and my agency.” Laura concludes: “It is always an honor to hold space for families as they navigate their journey into parenthood and be a part of their narrative- their story of love, resilience, and cherished moments that last a lifetime.”

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