Celebrating A Coastal Christmas with Jenny Reimold x HomeGoods

Dec 04, 2023 at 09:46 am by RMGadmin

By Jenny Reimold
"Holidays by the Sea” was inspired by the colors and design elements I see daily in my coastal home. I wanted to mix that aesthetic with some holiday flair to make it special for this time of year. When decorating for the holidays, I love to use regional themes and landscapes to inspire my designs; it gives my holiday décor such a unique twist that stands out from the rest.

Overall Tips 

STRAY FROM TRADITION: Although red and green are the traditional colors for holiday decor, soft blues and neutrals are also timeless color palettes that can be used for holiday and winter styling. My coastal home lends perfectly to this non-traditional color pallet. Because HomeGoods has such a unique variety of holiday décor, I found pieces that stepped outside of tradition and helped me spice up my space for this holiday season. My “Blue Christmas” table can also easily be used for Hanukkah celebrations.
IF YOU LOVE IT, DON’T LEAVE IT: Whenever I head to HomeGoods, I have an eye out for pieces that could work weeks or even months later – especially for the holiday season. HomeGoods is ever-changing, with new products every day, so you don’t want to miss out on a piece you love. Over the summer, I found white sprays of coral and used them as filler in my tree to bring the coastal vibe. The pink Nutcracker in my children’s playroom was purchased at the end of last year’s holiday season. Although I didn’t know what I would do with him then, I knew I needed to grab him while I could…this year, he inspired a children’s space!


Functionall Festival Living Room
ALWAYS BUY A BUDDY: My house has an open floor plan and wall space is in high demand but short supply, so I like to get creative with statement pieces that I can bring in to fill out the space. My favorite trick is to pair my larger Christmas tree with a smaller “buddy tree” and place them in the corner of my living room to give that wow effect. Buddy trees can also efficiently maximize your space while providing designated gifting areas for smaller presents for children or even pets.
HEAR THE BELLS RING: While hanging bells are often used on doors and windows, I like to drape them over tree branches for a unique display on my tree. Found near the checkout aisle of HomeGoods, white and gold fifteen-dollar aluminum bells hang beautifully over tree limbs and coordinate with many holiday themes.
PULL PACKAGING DOUBLE DUTY: One design non-traditional trick I use to keep my spaces cohesive is wrapping up gifts inside decorative linen or woven boxes. HomeGoods sells these decorative boxes in sets, making it easy to grab a few for all the gifts on your list (bonus I can usually find them for under thirty dollars). Tie it up with satin or tulle layered ribbon and top with a special ornament for a practical holiday presentation. However, if you decide to go with the more traditional route, HomeGoods has plenty of gorgeous holiday wrapping paper that will make those gifts pop!

Harborside Holiday Dining Room 

LAYER, LAYER, LAYER: A great tablespace always starts with layered linens. When shopping in the tablecloths and runner’s aisle at HomeGoods, I can usually find my runners for less than twenty-five dollars and suggest always testing out different combinations of layered patterns and colors before you decide. For this space, I placed three knit white table runners horizontally across the table and then layered blue linen ones on top. Next, I picked up a set of thicker woven placemats from HomeGoods – a staple I find myself reaching for year after year - to bring in some dimension to the table. I added ceramic gold-rimmed plates and coordinating cloth linen napkins for the finishing touches.
TRY A DIY: Making your own table centerpiece arrangements is easier than you might think! I used a twenty-dollar strand of cedar garland from HomeGoods, clipped segments off, and placed them in between REAL blue and white hydrangeas for a unique winter arrangement that blends the best of two seasons.

Nutcracker Noal Playroom 

START WITH A STATEMENT: Let HomeGood’s over-the-top unique holiday find inspire your tree and space thematically. A cheerful pink Nutcracker that I grabbed last year inspired my Nutcracker Noel tree. When I bought this piece, I knew it would be a showstopper, and low and behold the internet agreed with me, as these guys have been going viral on TikTok. I filled out a wow-worthy statement tree with pastel Nutcrackers, candy-colored glass ornaments and metallic garland. I then added candy-themed ceramic ribbon trees scattered throughout the space, transforming our playroom into a whimsical holiday wonderland.
CREATE YOUR OWN ORNAMENTS: Aside from just traditional tree ornaments, browse the holiday décor accents on your next trip to HomeGoods, even though you might see them on shelves or tables in the store, you can use craft wire to tie them directly onto tree branches. I found colorful candy Nutcrackers and miniature colorful Christmas trees at HomeGoods for only $4.99 and used this trick to bring that playful feel to the tree!
THINK OUTSIDE THE GARLAND: I found some gorgeous $15 metallic ball garland strands at my local HomeGoods that I knew would be the perfect addition to the tree in my playroom. As I was decorating, I realized that I could deconstruct the garlands to produce bundles of mini picks. Pull the decorative bundles off and insert them directly into the branches when a garland strand may be too thick or not blend well within the tree. This DIY method produces a cascading effect of color all around the tree.