First Friday Art Crawl Expands to The Factory: An Evening of Art, Culture and Community

Jun 10, 2024 at 12:44 pm by RMGadmin

Franklin, Tennessee is renowned for its rich tapestry of culture, history, and artistic expression. And now, the beloved First Friday Art Crawl is expanding its reach, welcoming a new and exciting addition: The Factory. This iconic space, steeped in industrial heritage, is set to become a vibrant hub for local artists and art enthusiasts alike.


One of the most anticipated features of this expansion is the introduction of complimentary trolley rides, offering convenient transportation for attendees from various points in the city. Beginning at the station on Columbia with ample parking available, the trolley will wind its way through Franklin, stopping at key locations such as 5pts, the Square, 1st/Main, all the way to The Factory. And here's the best part – if you see the trolley and want to hop on board, just give the driver a friendly wave!


As visitors arrive at The Factory, they'll be greeted by a myriad of new storefronts hosting local artists. Among these exciting additions include Stonebridge Gallery, The Find, and Fork of the South, each showcasing the diverse talents that call Franklin home.
But perhaps the crowning jewel of this expansion is the "Grand Hall" Pop-up Gallery, strategically located at the main entrance of The Factory. Here, custom gallery panels will serve as the backdrop for 3-5 signature artists each month, providing a spotlight on creativity and innovation.
This June, the First Friday Franklin Art Crawl takes on a special theme – Western Heritage. Timed to coincide with the annual Franklin Rodeo and the upcoming Mustang Heritage Spectacular on June 20th, the art crawl will not only celebrate the beauty of western art but also serve as a platform for advocacy.
Local artists have joined forces to raise awareness about the plight of American wild mustangs, many of whom are currently in holding facilities across the country. These majestic creatures face an uncertain future unless they are adopted and given the opportunity to be trained and rehomed. Portions of all art sales during the art crawl will be donated to the Mustang Heritage Foundation, supporting their vital work in rescuing and gentling these animals.
Led by a dedicated team of Nashville and Franklin locals, the Mustang Heritage Foundation organizes regular competitions for "wild to mild" mustangs and their trainers. Through gentle training methods, these horses are transformed and made available for adoption, offering them a second chance at life.
The fusion of art and advocacy at the First Friday Franklin Art Crawl exemplifies the spirit of community and compassion that defines Franklin. It's not just an opportunity to admire beautiful artwork – it's a chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of animals and support the creative visionaries who enrich our city.
So, mark your calendars, grab your cowboy boots, and hop aboard the trolley for a journey through Franklin's artistic soul. With The Factory as its newest canvas, the First Friday Art Crawl promises an unforgettable evening of discovery and inspiration.