Gentlemen of Distinction: Like Father, Like Son

Jun 21, 2024 at 10:43 am by RMGadmin

Fathers & Sons in Business

Just like the lyrics of Keith Urban’s “Song for Dad,” these stories about father and son relationships will inspire you. From learning to ride a bike to driving a car to putting on a suit and tie and heading into work… These fathers and sons have shown what it is to learn and grow into a respected role, within their business as well as in each other’s eyes. These pride-filled duos are a testament to putting in the work both personally and professionally. Now well-established, trusted community entities, these father-son teams prove that the well-raised apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Lately I’ve been noticin’

I say the same things he used to say

And I even find myself

Actin’ the very same way


There were times I thought he was bein’

Just a little bit hard on me

But now I understand he was makin’ me

Become the man he knew that I could be


In everything he ever did, he always did with love

And I’m proud today to say I’m his son

When somebody says I hope I get to meet your dad

I just smile and say you already have


- “Song for Dad”

by Keith Urban

Here are just a handful of the amazing family businesses, comprised of fathers and sons – passing the torch and building legacies that will inspire.

Danny & Reid Anderson
The father-son team of Danny and Reid Anderson has significantly impacted the local real estate market for many years. Both brokers at Onward Real Estate, they embody how family and professionalism can blend to create lasting success.
Danny Anderson moved to Williamson County nearly fifty years ago with his wife Teresa, initially serving as the Public Relations Director for Carter’s Court under Calvin and Marilyn LeHew. He soon transitioned into real estate, carving out a career spanning over forty-one years. Today, Danny is a broker at Onward Real Estate. “I love staying active and involved,” Danny shares. “We have had the most amazing, wonderful and magnificent life here as a result of the support, love and vitality of this amazing community and the people that live here.”
His son, Reid Anderson, has followed in his father’s footsteps, having lived in Williamson County all his life. Inspired by Danny’s dedication, Reid has been a real estate agent for over twenty years. “Growing up, seeing my dad help people find their homes was incredibly inspiring,” Reid says. “It’s what drew me to this profession.”
Their working relationship spans more than two decades, blending Danny’s extensive experience with Reid’s fresh insights. “We play on each other’s strengths,” says Danny. “Reid’s professionalism and intelligence are a joy to work with.” Reid values his father’s mentorship, adding, “Dad cares deeply for his clients and always goes above and beyond to provide the best service.”
“Reid is my hero in many ways,” says Danny. “He has supported me from day one. He is dedicated, professional, smart and a true joy to work with. We have fun agreeing and disagreeing. He usually wins.”
Despite their success, they have faced significant challenges. In 2020, Danny and Teresa’s home burned down, resulting in a devastating loss. Shortly afterward, Reid suffered from health issues and required several major surgeries. Danny says Reid’s positive attitude was unwavering during it all. “His resilience and dedication, even in the hospital, were truly inspiring."
Looking ahead, Danny remains committed to the business, despite several attempts at retirement. “I’ve tried to retire, but I need to stay active and engaged,” he admits. Reid envisions a shift in their roles, with Danny taking on more of a managerial position while he handles more fieldwork. “I hope to build a reputation as respected as my father’s,” Reid notes. “If my son joins the business one day, I aspire to be as great a mentor as my father has been to me.”

Dirk & Jackson Calvin

Right in the heart of downtown Franklin, sits Sage Investment Counsel run by father and son duo Dirk and Jackson Calvin. Dirk, the Founder, Principal and CEO of their investment firm, has spent the last twenty-eight years working in Franklin. For Dirk, June of 2024 marks forty years in the industry. While Dirk started as an Institutional Investment Consultant, Sage Investment Counsel now works exclusively with families and their investment and retirement income needs.
Dirk lives in Spring Hill with his wife, Dr. Paula Dunn, a physician with Williamson Medical Group. They enjoy a rural lifestyle on their small farm, surrounded by the University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station. “Franklin, Williamson County, and Middle Tennessee all are among the most beautiful places and popular destinations in our great country. The people you meet here are some of the friendliest and happiest you will meet,” Dirk says.
Jackson, Principal, Chief Compliance Officer and Portfolio Manager, has been working in Williamson County since June 2020. He has fond memories of Franklin from his childhood, including attending Civil War reenactments with his dad. Jackson, his wife Autumn and their son Levi, are now building their own family memories here.
Joining the family business was a natural fit for Jackson, who majored in Finance.  But during  college, Jackson became unsure of his career choice. “It wasn’t until my last semester in college that God changed the way I viewed business and gave me a love for it,” Jackson recalls. His drive to excel is fueled by the responsibility he feels towards their clients and his desire to honor the Calvin family name. And Jackson feels inspired by Dirk’s knowledge, stating “The investment business is ego-driven. Everyone thinks they have the answer or the next great idea. One of Dad’s strengths has been to stick to the philosophy of value investing.”
Dirk and Jackson believe in the importance of patience, respect, and enjoying their work together. “Be patient, respectful, and willing to learn from each other. Most importantly, have fun and cherish every moment,” says Dirk.

Marc & Britton Headden

Marc and Britton Headden, a father and son pair, share journeys in the world of real estate, with their roots running deep in Franklin.
Marc, a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Affiliate Broker, has been in the Williamson County real estate industry for thirty-three years. “The natural beauty and the vibrant business environment make Williamson County special,” says Marc, who moved to the area in 1991 with his wife, Debbie. Their connection to the community is strong; both of their children, Britt and Hope, were born at Williamson Medical Center, and their family now includes a two-year-old granddaughter named Lucy.
Growing up in nearby Marshall County, Marc was inspired by his father, who ran a brokerage and auction company in Brentwood. “I started appraising alongside my dad, who is now ninety,” Marc recalls. Over the years, he has handled various types of property appraisals, developing a particular fondness for this side of the business.
Britton, Marc’s son and the owner of Headden Home Real Estate LLC, has lived in Williamson County his entire life. “This is home for me. My family is here, and it’s a great place to live and work,” says Britton, who resides in Franklin with his wife and their daughter, Lucy Lou. Britton’s journey into real estate seemed almost destined. Marc notes, “As soon as he could hold a tape measure, he was helping me measure buildings and houses.” In 2019, after working as an agent and trainee appraiser, Britton launched his own real estate firm. His father soon joined him, placing his real estate license with Britton’s firm.
The Headdens’ partnership is built on mutual respect and a shared passion for their work. Britton’s personal touch in his firm reflects his father’s long-standing commitment to community-focused real estate. Marc advises other father-son teams to “be patient and do not be too hard on each other. Try to separate work duties so there is a clear understanding of responsibilities.”
Marc’s vision for the future includes contributing to more affordable housing and commercial options in the area. Britton echoes his father’s sentiment, saying, “I think there are plenty of opportunities to create more affordable options here without sacrificing the high standards that have made Williamson County what it is today, and I would love to be a part of that.”

Chuck, Charles & Cameron McDowell

Chuck McDowell and his sons Charles and Cameron are the powerhouses behind Wesley LLC, the parent company of Wesley Financial Group, Wesley Mortgage and Medical House Calls. Chuck’s journey in the business world began with a short stint in timeshare sales, where he recognized the industry’s deceitful tactics. This realization led to the founding of Wesley Financial Group in 2011, with a mission to help families burdened by timeshare debts. “I’m proud that we’ve been able to help over 40,000 families relieve themselves of more than $525 million in timeshare debt and maintenance fees,” Chuck proudly states.
Chuck and his wife, Jo Ellen, moved to Williamson County in 2018, finding a home in the friendly and giving community of Franklin. “I’ve never lived somewhere where the people are so friendly and giving,” Chuck reflects. His early experiences, such as purchasing a lunch with Mayor Ken Moore at a charity auction, cemented his appreciation for the community’s welcoming nature.
Charles, the Chief Revenue Officer, moved to Franklin in 2014. “ Williamson County feels like home more than anywhere else,” he remarks. Growing up with a passion for sales and marketing, Charles joined his father’s venture from the start, driven by the family motto, “Touch the Line.” He recalls a challenging period in 2013 when the company was on the verge of collapse, saying, “We leaned into one another and put in the work.”
Cameron, Chief Marketing Officer, has been part of Wesley LLC since 2018. “The rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty make Williamson County truly special to me,” Cameron shares. His vision for the future involves continued growth and leveraging each family member’s strengths. “Our long-term goal is to continue growing and scaling our businesses together as a family,” he says.
In 2020, Wesley LLC was added to the esteemed Inc. 5000 list, which is an annual list published by Inc. Magazine, that ranks the 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. The rankings are based on percentage revenue growth over a three-year period, and Wesley LLC debuted at 203rd on the list. This is a testament to the power of family in business, showing that a shared vision and abilities can leave a lasting legacy.

Jim & Jimmy Moody

Jim Moody, the heart behind Moody Brothers Tire, and his son Jimmy Moody, are not just leaders in the automotive service industry; they are pillars of the community. Their family-owned business, Moody’s Tire & Auto Service, has been a downtown Franklin staple for over eighty years.
Jim says he started working at Moody Brothers Tire on Main Street when he was a young boy. This hands-on experience during his formative years laid the foundation for a lifelong dedication to the business. “Williamson County has always been a community where people know each other, and relationships matter,” Jim says. This sense of belonging has been central to his personal and professional life.
After serving in the Navy, Jim returned to Williamson County, where he married his wife Debbie in 1973 and dove back into the family business with an unwavering dedication, fueled by the trust and respect of their customers. “Having the trust of the people that we serve every day is inspiration enough and, as a result of that, to be able to help the less fortunate,” Jim says.
Jimmy has been part of Moody’s Tire & Auto Service from a young age. “I started working at Moody’s changing oil and tires during high school summers,” Jimmy recalls. In 2008, he joined the business full-time, eventually becoming a partner in 2016. Jimmy and his wife, LeeAnn, have two sons, James and Jackson. Jimmy’s commitment to the community mirrors his father’s. “My dad’s greatest strength is his willingness to do anything for anyone,” he says. Their ability to navigate challenges together has strengthened their bond and highlighted the importance of collaboration and mutual respect.
As Moody’s Tire & Auto Service marks its eightieth anniversary, Jim and Jimmy are united in their vision for the future. Jim dreams of seeing the business reach its centennial, continuing to be a trusted name in Williamson County. Jimmy is committed to expanding their services while preserving the family-oriented values that have been the bedrock of their success.

Melvin & Trey Spain

Melvin Spain’s journey in the accounting world began at the age of twenty-five when he purchased his practice in Franklin in 1978. The young entrepreneur chose to keep his age under wraps, focusing instead on building credibility and trust in the community. “I did not want people in Franklin to know how young I was,” Melvin recalls. Over the years, he has become a well-respected figure in Williamson County, where he has lived, worked and raised a family.
Melvin’s dedication to his clients at Spain and Higginbotham CPA Group, located in downtown Franklin, goes beyond mere accounting services; he is committed to imparting financial wisdom and stewardship principles. “Dealing with money is a challenge for clients, whether they have an abundance or a lesser amount,” he says, understanding the complexities his clients face. The firm serves hundreds of individuals, businesses and families in Williamson County with tax preparation and tax planning services.
Trey, owner of Numbers Numbers, LLC, which is located in the Berry Farms area of Franklin and provides bookkeeping and finance consultations, carries forward the family legacy with a blend of traditional values and modern business acumen. Initially, Trey explored a career outside the family business but eventually found his way back to accounting. Learning alongside his father has been both rewarding and educational. Trey values Melvin’s extensive experience and insight. “Having someone I trust to bounce questions or problems off of is fantastic,” Trey reflects, appreciating the mentorship and support from his father.
Although Melvin and Trey have separate businesses, their shared vision is to continue to deliver exceptional service to their clients. “I would hope Trey’s business or the CPA firm would be able to positively impact people’s lives now and in the future,” expresses Melvin, who hopes that future generations will uphold the principles of fairness and respect that have been the bedrock of their financial practices. Trey aspires to grow his business without losing the personal touch that sets them apart, hoping that his daughter will one day embrace the work ethic and values he has learned from his father.

Mark & John Street

Mark Street and his son, John, are business partners at Street Tuxedo. Founded on principles of family values, innovative spirit and unwavering community commitment, their journey from a single store to a thriving network of locations is a testament to their shared vision and dedication.
Mark has built his career on a foundation of community service and integrity. With a background in insurance and a lifelong residency in Franklin, Mark’s transition into the tuxedo business was guided by the values instilled by his parents. “My parents always stressed for us to treat others fairly and with respect,” explains Mark. “The fact that folks put their faith in Street Tuxedo, to provide an excellent product at a fair price, inspires us to do more each day, month and year to serve our community with integrity. God has blessed us so that we can bless others.”
John followed in his father’s footsteps, bringing innovation and a forward-thinking approach to Street Tuxedo. Growing up in Williamson County and immersed in the family business from a young age, John’s journey into expanding the company has been marked by strategic growth and resilience. He spearheaded the opening of new locations like Murfreesboro, Cool Springs, Hendersonville, Berry Hill and The Plant.
John’s dynamic partnership with his father balances innovation with tradition, ensuring Street Tuxedo evolves while maintaining its core values. “As long as you love and respect one another you can succeed. Dad and I take every major decision we make into consideration together and make sure we are in agreement with each other,” John says. “Dad is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He is amazing with customers and loves helping people when they come in for their special events.”
As Mark approaches retirement, he entrusts the future of Street Tuxedo to John’s capable hands, confident in his son’s ability to steer the company forward. Their collective vision aims not only to sustain but also to enhance the positive impact Street Tuxedo has on their community. John envisions a future where Street Tuxedo’s legacy of trust and quality endures, leaving an indelible mark on Williamson County.
Embodying resilience, innovation, and community spirit — the Street’s story is a testament to how family values and entrepreneurial drive can create a lasting legacy. Street Tuxedo stands not just as a purveyor of formal wear, but as a cornerstone of celebration and style in Williamson County, ensuring that every milestone is marked with elegance and grace.

Monty & Colton McInturff

The McInturff family stands as a pillar of the equine veterinary community. Monty McInturff, President of Tennessee Equine Hospital, and his son, Colton McInturff, exemplify a legacy of dedication to horse care. Their journey is a testament to passion, perseverance and family values in the world of equine veterinary medicine.
Monty’s love for horses began early, working in high school for a local equine veterinarian and at the historic Harlinsdale Farm. He has not practiced as an equine veterinarian since 1991, which is when he started his own practice serving the community, which has now grown into a comprehensive equine hospital with four locations and over twenty veterinarians. “Agriculture and the horse have always been part of our community, and this means a lot to me.” Monty reflects. His commitment to exceptional horse care and the preservation of equine heritage in Tennessee has been the driving force behind Tennessee Equine Hospital’s success.
Monty’s sons, Cason and Colton, followed in his veterinary footsteps, each finding their niche within the field. “People ask how I talked my boys into being vets, and I tell them I had nothing to do with it. It was their choice!” Monty says proudly.
Colton, a specialist in equine sports medicine, joined Tennessee Equine Hospital in 2021. Raised in Franklin, his early exposure to the veterinary field through his father greatly influenced his career choice. “It has always been my hope to work alongside my father,” Colton shares. “I feel blessed to be doing just that.” Colton’s advanced training in equine sports medicine brings a modern approach to the hospital, enhancing its capabilities in treating performance horses. His enthusiasm for the field is fueled by the impact they have on the local equine community and the satisfaction of helping both horses and their owners.
Monty and Colton share a love for outdoor activities and family gatherings, often fishing together and attending local events. Monty’s advice for families working together emphasizes balancing work and personal life: “Leave work at work and have fun together outside of work.”
Looking ahead, the McInturff family aims to expand their services to include more urgent care facilities, ensuring comprehensive equine care is available around the clock. Their commitment to growth and mentorship underscores their dedication to both the equine and local communities.