Go-To Grilling Tips for Summer

Jun 24, 2024 at 10:54 am by RMGadmin

Fire It Up

BY Frank Miller  |  Managing Partner, Coal Town Pizza and Public House


Summertime is always a time when I can take the heat (in two ways)! One, I am able to shoulder more of the cooking responsibilities and my wife is thankful. Two, I love being outside in the summer air…grilling! If you, like me, were born to grill, then you know there is nothing better than firing up the outdoor grill with some of your best of friends. Whether it’s a few hand-patty burgers on the grill or finishing off a reverse-seared ribeye, here are some of my top tips to surefire success.
Simple as it sounds, heating up your grill is one of the most important steps in grilling. Failing to preheat could cause the meat to “stick,” and makes it less likely the meat will form those beautiful sear marks we are looking for! This process should not take more than ten to fifteen minutes on high to get the grill to temperature.
I am kind of a minimalist when it comes to seasoning. Heavy salt and pepper, that’s it for me. I usually like to salt and pepper my meat the day before, then wrap it up and let it sit in the fridge. This allows time for the seasoning to be absorbed into the meat. Some people also like various dry rubs or sauces… not me. Salt and pepper is all I need!
Let steak sit out at room temperature for around an hour before starting to cook. This allows the meat to reach room temperature, which allows a more even cook.
Always cook meat until it is five to ten degrees below desired finished temperature. This is a big one for me. Meat continues to cook even after it has been taken off the grill, (this is called “carryover” cooking) and, if you are not paying  attention, it can cause the internal temps of your meat to rise another five to ten degrees.
Let your steak develop a seared crust on the grill before moving or flipping it. Moving it too much may cause your meat to lose its juices and dry out. If you try to lift the meat before it’s ready, it’ll stick to the grates. Trust the process. I usually put my meat on the grill and flip once. Learn how to time your desired cooking temps and “this will be the way”.
Once your steak is off the grill, wait at least five minutes before slicing. This gives the juices a chance to settle back into the meat.
Lastly, grilling is always better together! Make sure to have your family and best of friends around to share your grilling excellence!