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By Dani Williamson MSN, FNP

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or have lived in yours for decades, having a home that is free of toxins is crucial for your health and the health of your loved ones. We tend to focus on our diet and exercise when we think about healthy living, but the health of your home environment is crucial as well. This month, I will be sharing my top commonsense tips to help you with decreasing the toxic load in your home and body.

1. Get an air purifier:

The air you breathe is crucial to your health. Having a quality air filter in the house will help filter out fine, particulate air matter that has been linked to lung and heart disease.

2. Get a whole house water filter:

I have a filter on my sink and refrigerator, but have recently become concerned with the water I shower under and bathe in daily. Why do I filter my sink water but not the water that pours down on my skin while showering/bathing? Your local water company filters tap water, but it still contains contaminants such as lead, chlorine, E. coli and pesticides, according to WebMD.

3. Open the windows:

Cross ventilation is necessary to increase oxygen and ions in the home. Open the windows daily to allow the air to flow and circulate. I open my windows every morning while I am getting ready for work and leave them open if possible.

4. Make your bedroom a sanctuary:

(Below is an excerpt from buildingbiologyinstitute.org):
If you are sleeping with power cords under or around your bed,
your cell phone charging by your bed, your alarm clock plugged in or the TV and computer in your bedroom, you are creating electro smog and disrupting your sleep and potentially harming your health. Below are some steps to help you create a sleeping sanctuary.

• Set the wireless routers to go off at night by using an inexpensive timer you can get at Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes.

signals from portable phones, cell phones and wireless devices have been shown to interfere with the body’s immune system.

5. Remove the carpet and install hard wood floors:

Getting the dust under control in your home is imperative for your health. One way to do that is to make sure you dust and vacuum
at least twice weekly, use a HEPA filter on your vacuum if you have carpet. If possible, remove the carpet (a haven for dust and allergens), and replace with wood, tile, cork, or non-vinyl linoleum. But if that’s not economically feasible, some old-fashioned elbow grease is a great way to get rid of dust.

6. Pay attention where your smart meters/wireless routers are located:
The latest influx of smart meters being installed in neighborhoods has been all over the local news the past few months. If you are sensitive to EMF’s, you may notice a sensitivity to the meter. Research is
not conclusive on the effect of smart meters, but many people have reported increased anxiety, insomnia, tingling sensation and more symptoms after having a meter installed. You have the option most of the time to call the electric company and opt out of installation.

7. Clean up your cleaning supplies:

Your cleaning supplies are some of the most toxic chemicals you have in your home. Many are sold with warnings on the bottle. Using vinegar, water, lemon juice and baking soda with essential oils will clean anything you want. A little elbow grease and vinegar, water and lemon go a long way in cleaning your home and are not toxic to your health. I use Young Living Thieves for almost everything in my home.

8. Establish a NO SHOES policy in your home:

Establishing a no shoes policy greatly reduces the trail of dirt from outdoors into our homes.

Your home is your safe place, it should not be making you sick. One step at a time begin to decrease the toxic burden in your home, your health will thank you.


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