Serenity for the Soul

Sep 10, 2019 at 12:12 pm by PaigeAtwell


By J.R. Rhoper 

The time has arrived to redesign the interiors of our home. Where do we begin? More often than not, clients have in mind beginning this process in the living areas. Why? Maybe because that’s where we spend most of our time and after all, that’s what our guests will also experience. But hold on... here’s another perspective.



What if we turned that thinking on its ear? What if we put our priority on our private rooms, the ones our guests rarely see? These are the spaces that directly affect the way we live and feel, define our waking moments as well as our restful times and bring us better health and peace. I am suggesting we begin the transformation in the master suite.

Serenity can generate from a master bedroom infused with soft colors and fabrics that emanate peace and comfort to the occupant. Clearly, the softer the finishes on the pieces we choose help us create an environment that can bring down our blood pressure from an often active and hectic day. When we combine those choices with soothing bedding and calming colors like soft greens and blues, the difference can be palpable.



Once we have created the soft color palette, there are often touches that can further enhance a serene spirit. Creating spa-like environments with added accessories like neatly display towels, candles, perfumes or toiletries will add to the sense of calmness.

As we transition into the bathing area, we should continue the ambiance we have created in the lounging areas of the master suite. Shocking colors in the bathroom do not bring relaxation to the soul. Our minds control our bodies, and our minds are directly affected by the colors and texture we surround ourselves with.



To help prepare our spirits for the relaxation we will experience in the master suite, if space is available, we should begin the transition between the living areas and the boudoir. That is where we begin the journey. Choosing the correct color palette for the art and wall hangings can aid the relaxation process as we head towards our private oasis.

There is one final perk to creating serenity in the private spaces. If we are planning a redesign on other parts of our home’s interior,
we are sure to experience some increased levels of stress and anxiety. By creating our ‘safe place,’ we have a refuge to heal us so we can enjoy the process.

So, envision the relaxing, healing space your bedroom and bathroom, properly executed with beautiful art, colorations, and furnishings, can bring to your life. Zen is on its way.

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