A Southern Gentleman is Not Made Over Night with Stephen Richards Jr.

Jun 21, 2021 at 01:27 pm by RMGadmin

Simply put, a southern gentleman is someone who puts the interests of others first, especially women. Whether they are his mother, sister, wife, fiancé, girlfriend, friend or even a stranger, a southern gentleman should always show the utmost respect and generosity towards women.
It is a way of life passed down from generation to generation

A southern gentleman will always offer his chair to a woman when all others are taken. He carries a handkerchief in the event a woman needs one, even if he never uses it. He offers his jacket, regardless of if he is cold too. While walking on a sidewalk, he chooses the side closest to the curb to keep a female out of harm’s way. 

He will hold the door for others, allowing them to enter first. Before taking his seat, he will hold the chair out for a female, assisting her with being seated. He will walk her to her car and open the door for her, regardless of if they’re riding together. When he sees someone with their hands full, he offers to help, even if it inconveniences him. 

He should go out of his way to make a female feel special, appreciated, accepted, and loved. A southern gentleman puts his pride aside and will admit when he is wrong. He leaves notes for his significant other telling her how much he loves her, cares for her, and is always there for her. He surprises her with flowers, just because it’s Tuesday. 

He is on time and does not make others wait. When eating in social settings, a southern gentleman waits for others to receive their food before he begins to eat. He uses proper table manners and offers to pay the check while dining out. If he is gifted with something, whether it is a physical present or an act of kindness, he sends a hand-written letter thanking whoever provided this gift.

When meeting his significant other’s parents, he brings flowers for her mother and gives her father a firm handshake while looking him in the eyes. He treats her family like his own.
He responds with “yes ma’am/sir” and “no ma’am/sir” when corresponding with someone older. They listen intently when having a conversation and show true interest in what is being discussed. A southern gentleman always thinks before he speaks. He respects the privacy of others and does not spread gossip. 
Southern gentlemen are genuine individuals who do not seek acknowledgment for their actions because it should be expected of them. They respect women in every capacity—their feelings, thoughts, actions, bodies and beliefs. Even if their genuineness is not reciprocated, they still show the same respect. 
A southern gentleman is not made overnight. It is a way of life passed down from generation to generation, instilled by parents who lead by example. 
A southern gentleman is someone I strive to be in all walks of life. It was how I was raised and how I hope to raise my boys one day. Though I often fall short, I understand I am not perfect, and I do everything I can to carry out the persona of a southern gentleman.
Stephen Richards Jr. was born and raised in Nashville. After a year of extensive training, he founded Richards Bespoke. Stephen has grown the company into one of the most respected men’s fashion brands in Tennessee, winning numerous awards and has some of Tennessee’s highest-profile clients, including  well-known celebrities and sports figures  around the world such as Patrick Mahomes, Tua Tagovailoa and A.J. Brown.