Days Gone By: Looking Back - Peytonsville, Tennessee

Aug 05, 2021 at 11:27 am by RMGadmin

By: Emma Chennault 

Paul M. Pratt Sr. has been a lifetime resident of Peytonsville, Tennessee. 

 Paul’s ancestors settled in Peytonsville as pioneers in 1806, so his family has profound roots in this area going back two hundred plus years. Paul is now retired, but he spent his entire life working in the insurance business in Williamson County. Now, Paul Pratt Sr. is the author of “Peytonsville, Tennessee: 200 Years.” He decided to write this book because: “Williamson County is a large, beautiful part of our great state with a rich history. Several communities have had their history published, but there has never been a complete history of Peytonsville published.”

 Mr. Pratt does not consider himself to be a writer but considers himself a history lover. Peytonsville is unique to him because he says, “for seventy-seven years, I have attended the same church in Peytonsville. The people of the community were good, solid people who helped each other and sincerely cared for their neighbors. It was an ideal place to grow up.” To Paul, talent seemed to be in the water in the 13th District. Musical families flourished as talent for playing the guitar, banjo, fiddle and singing pure country passed through bloodlines of many families in the District.” This book includes the tales of many significant people who came together to settle and create the special area of Williamson County. He explains that, “there are many stories about folks from all walks of life.” He also includes stories and history of many of the local businesses, churches, schools and cemeteries.

Paul loves the entire book. However, his favorite story is about his beloved teacher Ms. Katie Lou Gatlin. According to Paul, “she influenced my life and the lives of so many others in our community. She was truly loved.” And Paul might have plans for another book but says, “it all depends on an elusive ancestor. So, maybe there will be another.” 

This excellent book is filled with beautiful pictures and stories about a place with history ingrained in every corner. Thanks to local favorite photographer, Debbie Smartt, who designed the book layout and helped with the historical photos, this is a true Williamson County history buff’s dream. 

Peytonsville, Tennessee: 200 Years by Paul M. Pratt Sr. is available for purchase at Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin.