The Lady Entertains: How to Throw the Perfect Little Girl’s Backyard Tea Party

Apr 07, 2022 at 09:33 am by RMGadmin

Photography by Carrie Drury

What do you need to create a fabulous tea party – aside from Mazel Mae the Cow of course? Create your magical backyard tea party – even with your cow! - with our friends at Southern Events Party Rental Company you can find everything you need to set up a dreamy little girl’s tea party.  From child-sized tables and chairs, boxwood or donut walls, to fun patterned linens, they have a variety of options!

Costumes are a must at any tea party hosted by a pretty princess like ours here -  Emory Sutton along with  Mazel Mae, who also dons her stylish blue harness and pale peach head wreath to feel festive and fun with her special friend. Have YOUR guests come attired in their last ballet recital costume, or even their favorite Disney Princess dress complete with a diamond or floral tiara and your tea party will indeed be fit for a queen. You may need to visit The Purple Butterfly Children’s Boutique and find the most incredible, stupendous outfit fit for a tea party!

Next on the list? Why, that’s the food of course. Head on over to Miss Daisy’s  Kitchen (formerly known as Miss Daisy’s Tea Room - so she knows her stuff!) and partake in her scrumptious yummies that even a cow may take  a nibble of! From chicken salad to scones cookies and delicious frosted cakes of all flavors, Daisy can definitely provide the perfect tea party repast. If your ladies prefer a chilled beverage, Daisy’s tea punch is perfection. You can also incorporate different flavored teas, with different child palates in mind, including those with honey, lavender and lemon sweetened up – like everything around this table - with sugar or honey.

Next, you will need the perfect tea set. Or you can combine multiple cups and saucers from different china patterns, purchased at your local antique mall, online or maybe even from grandma’s cabinet. Of course paper and plastic can suffice especially with smaller children and for outside. Go visit our friends at Hester & Cook in downtown Franklin, for some lovely options for decorating the perfect tea table!

And lastly, the guest list. Any little princess knows, that taking tea is serious business and those who attend must do so with the utmost of ladylike reverence for all things tea-time. Curate your guest list with your favorite friends from both the playground, school and church to create the most interesting and eclectic group of funny, smart, sassy and sweet companions for an afternoon of revelry. And not forget the cow.