The Lady Entertains: Magical Birthday Parties with Southern Grace Unicorns

May 09, 2022 at 10:14 am by RMGadmin


Southern Grace Unicorns, LLC, was born through the magic of my four-year-old’s excitement when she saw her first unicorn. My mother and I have always had a love of horses, and on a whim, one day, we decided to dress up our new white horse, Luna, as a unicorn as a surprise. It was a fantasy come to life, and we knew that we needed to bring that magic to other little princes and princesses throughout middle Tennessee, and birthday parties are just one way we do that.

The key to a magical unicorn birthday party is all in the presentation. The way children’s little faces light up when they first see their own magic kingdom is nothing short of amazing. First, we suggest an eye-popping balloon arch for the lucky kids and guests to enter through. An arch built with white, pink and unicorn balloons sets the stage and builds anticipation. We often partner with Claire at PoppYAYparty to help make dreams come true.

Of course, it couldn’t be a unicorn party without a unicorn! Luna is our eleven-year-old Quarter Horse who has been specifically trained for this task. She loves children, is safe to ride, and knows a few tricks to make it even more special. We like to think she feels extra fancy in her costume because it seems the kids can feel that energy. The princes and princesses get to ride, brush, and feed Luna to truly bring the magic to life. Luna will even lie in the grass to show off her regal majesty.

Naturally, we have a little girl too! Pearl, our miniature-unicorn-in-training, is perfect for our little princes and princesses, especially if they are too shy or young for Luna. Pearl really brings out that Disney-esque goofiness and wonder when paired with Luna with her small stature and bite-sized resplendence. They are quite a pair, and there are no two unicorns like them in middle Tennessee!

Dressed in our most delicate princess dresses and adorned with the fanciest accessories, your princes and princesses will get to ride either Luna or Pearl to feel special on their birthday. With high-quality photography and Luna putting on her best show, Southern Grace Unicorns will ensure that you get good angles of this extraordinary memory worthy of a keepsake - something  to have and share forever.

Finally, to wind down and cap off the magical day, we provide themed cake, cupcakes, or cookies for the party through our local partners. The best bakers book up fast, so hurry if you want to book your own! If you prefer to let us handle the desserts, our little elves at Josephine Bean Bakery have a package deal to make sure they fit the theme and always arrive on time.

Contact the ladies at Southern Grace Unicorns to book the most magical and unique birthday party your prince or princess will ever have. But do it soon! There’s only so much magic to go around with so many wonderful kids in middle Tennessee! Find us on social media – @SouthernGraceUnicorns.