The Gentleman Entertains: Hosting a Summer Soiree

Jun 21, 2022 at 09:39 am by RMGadmin

with Hugh Howser

Lord, it is hot! As summer rolls in, we begin to take long looks at our yards and think, how on Earth did I let this happen!? The overwhelming heat of the summer does not help either, especially when entertaining! 
We all experience party panic! Frantically searching garden centers for the perfect shade of pale pink (after landscapers turn you down), or you realize you are having friends over for a dinner al fresco–or the absolute worst is when your holly shrubs will look worse than your humidity perm that night! 
Here are a few ways to stay COOL and calm this year! 
Make sure you have more fans than you need! Insects pose huge issues during the summer; fans help. There is nothing worse than swatting all night. You will notice more people asking to use the restroom, then, somehow, they never return and gather in the kitchen for the rest of the night!  
Offer guests cool towels in ice chests if needed! These can be doused in lavender to add a refreshing touch for the hot season.
Parting gift! Leave guests something cool and refreshing for the ride home! For example, cute signage could read:  “Don’t drink and drive...refresh and drive.”
Make this summer fun and stress-free by having a COOL and comfortable gathering! Guests will never leave!