Styling YOUR Everyday: College Must-Haves

Aug 02, 2022 at 10:08 am by RMGadmin

By Amelia Rose Smith
There are many things you may need (or want) for college…let’s be honest, it is an overwhelming amount of stuff! Before shopping and packing, it is important to consider the space you will be moving into, how to best utilize it and any rules your university enforces. While you may want to bring everything in sight, I suggest creating a running list of items you use daily or over a month because you will find it much smaller than your entire closet and cosmetic cabinet – speaking from experience! If you don’t use it at home, you won’t use it at college! So, to help you out, I have put together a list of essentials I could not live without during college

  • Mini refrigerator – an absolute MUST!
  • Brita water filter
  • Blender or Magic Bullet
  • Reusable water bottle – Hydro Flask is my fave!
  • Food storage containers 
  • Can opener – You will be thanking me later!
  • Coffee maker – For all those late-night or early morning study sessions
  • Ice trays
  • Foam mattress topper
  • Blackout curtains
  • Throw blankets – You never know what temperature your room will  be
  • Bed rest pillow
  • 3M Command strips and hooks
  • Futon or extra seating
  • Storage bins 
  • Laundry drying rack
  • Sewing kit
  • Mini steamer
  • Small vacuum
  • Bed risers – these are amazing when you are trying to fit your dresser under your bed
  • Over the door shoe holder
  • Lockbox or safe
  • Basic tool kit
  • Bathroom caddy 
  • Shower shoes (community-style dorms)
  • Bathrobe
  • Ottoman with storage – This is super handy if you have a lofted bed
  • Fan
  • Umbrella
  • Trash can – One for your room, one for your bathroom
  • Step stool
  • 10-foot phone charger
  • AirPods – The best investment for Zoom, noise cancellation, working out, the list goes on!
  • Surge protector with USB ports
  • TV and HDMI cord
  • AppleTV, Roku, Fire Stick
  • Flashlight 
  • Batteries
  • Printer – Although most universities will have one in the library, having one in your room can be a life saver
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Portable charger

  • Reliable laptop or tablet
  • Planner/calendar 
  • Quality backpack 
  • Blue light glasses 
  • 5-subject notebook– you will become a note-taking pro!
  • Colorful pens 
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Calculator
  • Index cards
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • First-aid/medicine kit
  • Copies of all medical documents and cards
  • Easy skincare routine
  • Grab and go snacks!
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Vitamins– Your immune system will be put to the test